😜Meme Challenge #86 / My 2 Entries: 1) "House" HODLS! (2) He's Not Anti-Social!😜

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😜💕 Hello Meme Army, Happy Monday fellow Steemians! So glad to have gotten a special mention from @olegw , in last weeks Challenge and won 2.50 Steem! Here is my 2 entries into @fibra59 awesome Meme Challenge #86 being judged by @ivan.atman ! If you would like to enter, here is the contest link with all the details as well as last winners:



😜💕 Thanks everyone for stopping by, your support is much appreciated!

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Lol! loved that show "House" With Hugh Laurie , he was Soooo Awesome!👍👍👍👍✌👌💕💕💕


not mine btw ... yea its a bit of a stretch coming from a bit of fry and laurie , im not even sure he would want to be associated now he has the ultimate image

i would say it's only natural for highly intelligent people to be introvert to some point at the very least but if i'd say that i'd get a picket fence again like when i quoted einstein and they thought i thought i was the buddha


Haha great comment @rudyardcatling ! love the quote! thanks for sharing my friend!😄👍✌💕

Ma'am can I know that I have 55 mene credits so can I buy from those mene credits.
If yes than plz tell me the procedure

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I think house would rather find the cause why others don't hodl :)


Haha true! the only reason why I cant or dont HODL Is because im broke and short on my rent money for this month due to car repairs and need to power down sadly enough...👍✌👌


Really sorry to hear that. I hope things shape up in the near future :)


Thanks! me too!😄