Meme challenge #26 + Winners of #25

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Hello Memearmy!!

Winners of Memechallenge #25

(Judge: @alexrickard86)

All entries are clickable!

First place: @serkorkin

full size

Second place: @fishmon

full size

Third place: @winstonwolfe

full size



full size


full size


full size


full size


full size

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Meme challenge #26

Judge will be @hansenator

For this challenge you have to make a meme of this photo:

full size



Winner - 10 SBD

Second place - 5 SBD

Third place - 3 SBD

Mentions - 1 SBD

No new donations


  • Title of every entry must contain "Meme challenge # - Entry #"
  • First tag of post must be #memechallenge
  • Your meme must contain text
  • You can add/remove something from the original photo but again photo without text isn't a meme
  • End of challenge will be on Sunday at 12:00 (UTC +1)
  • Each user can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge

How to support challenge:

  • Vote on this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Create at least one entry
  • If you are interested to be guest judge on next challenge contact me at
  • If you have an picture for next meme challenge contact me at or send me on email: [email protected]
  • If you have some extra money donate it to make new challenge possible

Big thanks to people who donated for #memechallenge :

@dumar022 , @papa-pepper , @onceuponatime, @moon32walker, @tmntzara, @the-future , @ebryans, @fulltimegeek, @karenmckersie, @kus-knee, @inphiknit, @gonzo, @thecryptofiend, @good-karma, @donkeypong, @giftedgaia, @hanshotfirst, @felixxx, @taskmanager, @son-of-satire, @runridefly, @karenb54, @sykochica, @buzzbeergeek, @tincho, @chuckypita, @reseller

#memechallenge has it's room at so feel free to join the room to promote your entries and communicate with other participants. You are all welcome!!


Support #memechallenge with your upvote!

Payout of meme posts are filling memechallenge reward pool!

Good luck everyone!

Greetings from @fibra59

full size

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It has been too long since I last participated. Will try to enter again. This contest has always been fun.

One of first participant is back ! :D
Good luck my friend !

Make a new rule that participants are not allowed to promote their memes on judges post! And 2nd rule that donator can't be picked as winner. There are better memes there!

Jugdes will ignore those comments.. People donate because they love memechallenge and want to support it so there is no sense to isolate them in challenge . thanks for comment

He didnt ignore it. Check out judges blog before you announce winners!

Judge needs to see all entries he would see it anyway without that comment ;)

So why doesnt he, there are better ones and it should be forbidden to influece on judge or to pay them anything. Your answers made me lose credibility in your contest at least for me and im not the only one who complains. And i dont like you answer before you check, you were wrong that judges will ignore them and then when they dont ignore you make some excuses.

Memechallenge has different judge every time. So there is no need to criticize someone's taste. Thank you for your criticism but I didn't found anything suspicious.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I feel like that was intended for me . If you are not pleased by the way this content is judged , why are you still submiting entries?

I didnt submit any entry!

Then you should respect one's opinion and humor taste .

Then you should remain quiet. Stop raising a ruckus over something you have zero involvement in.

Lol, you make no sence. Why would i remain quite, cuz i didnt participate? I watch those pictures contest and so does steemir users. If there are some cheaters i will tell, only sheep would stay quite. Interesting how you chose that nickname and tell people the oposite!

You should wake up, you dont deserve your nickname. You want others to be quite if they see cheating and unjustice.

Ah just stop being a sore looser!
And don't forget I follow you, you follow me

Hi judge, what can you say for your defence except insulting others? Judge who insults should never judge anything.

Your sense of humor is diferent that others . Respect one's opinion.

Its not about different sence of humor. Please don't underestimate our IQ. Its about influencing judge, that should be forbidden. Money and lobby influence should not influence on judge. Bribery, corruption, bias of friendship should be out of this contest period! You went to judge's blog with your entry. lol

What are you actually on about nobody influenced me, the entry that was posted on my post I would have seen anyway, and still put as 2nd place, there was no influence or bribery.

There is no need for insulting people because of criticism. I am always here for all remarks and praise.

That's true and I apologise.

Every entry was judged without bias, everybody has a different sense of humour, these appealed to me the most and made me laugh, not everybody has the same sense of humour, I'm sorry they didn't appeal to you.

Why would you criticise yourself guys, you lost credibility, your opinion isnt worth anything to me anymore. Just making some excuses for your mistakes. This is like Banana Republic Contest. Money is important for you and nothing else!

Man , go and facebook , and take the hate with you . This is no place for a hater .

If you don't like the challenge then please keep non participating like before :D

I wont participate but i will try to expose any dirty game and i dont have fb. This is not about hate, its about justice. There is less and less justice in this world and more greed.

This is the wrong challenge and you are spamming people. Your post should get downvoted for that. You need to be more respectful of others.

Okay for information I did not know that so if anything show me some respect by letting me know in a respectful manner, I dont know how to share my post on steemit and you telling me "I will down vote your post" instead of saying "you can get your post downvoted like that" would have been a better response. What do you mean its the challenge its week 26

The meme challenge is for the image above, with the two guys drinking coffee. It's a scene from the movie Pulp Fiction. If you didn't understand, that's fine, but you are still acting desperate in a space that is reasonable for one post promotion reply.

I said you should get voted down, not that I would, but that's a bit besides the point. I'm being honest, so there's no point in being defensive. I'm also willing to help correct the error as you can see.

If English isn't your first language, humor will be hard to translate, BUT MORE power to you if you can make someone laugh from another language and culture.

You can promote your post once in reply to the main post and as often as you want in postpromotion chat on the steem chat site. There's some discord servers like PAL too that have postpromotion channels.

I wish you luck, sincerely. Just try to avoid being self promoting to the point of annoyance. IOW, don't spam.

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Thanks :)

I don't even know what copy pasta is and that makes me laugh.

Basically slang for copy paste plagiarism

Thanks for keeping this contest alive @fibra59.
Here is my first entry I hope everyone enjoys.


Lol glad you liked it

Hi there @fibra59!

I'm participating again, just a quick message here to inform you about my entries:

I love what you are doing! Keep up the good work and Steem on!!

Hey bro @fibra59 Great Job , here is my meme for the new one :

nice one

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Wow , thank you for the second place guys . Here is my first entry to #26

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

im in upvoted

Congrats to all winners! funny memes!


Congratulations on winning!!!

I got a mention, Thank You so much! Congrats to the winners!

great dog..

Where do you find these pictures? XD

In computer archeive :D

hahaha :D

did you get my entries?


Are you mocking my hairdo?

Nope, not really a Trump supporter

Ok, I usually forget to drop my link here but this one is too fitting to forget! :-)

How much time left to end. Sunday confused

6 days

Many thanks!

Congrats :D

my first attempt. I never tried to play with memes before

Great post, very informative, thank you. @fibra59

but what is informative in this post?

loool :))))

lol man

Here is my second entry, please don't take offense to it, it was just on my mind at the time.

Best luck and congratulations for the winners,. I will definitely try the #26 competition. amazing deal what so ever

great content! It was a great idea to follow you! Followed, upvoted - you truly deserve it! @fibra59

Thank you @hokieu !

Grats to the winners!

I didn't know that donators can win. It doesn't seem right. I saw a better ones. Maybe 2 or 3 of them deserve to be on this list in my opinion.

I've got a suggestion. Create a very well written post about the corruption and scandals that are #memechallenge and let the rest of us enjoy it without you blowing up the comments. I look forward to reading it.

I wish not to, i wish they fix this problem cuz i like this meme project and i dont want to destroy their work and sweat they made so far.

My first time, thanks to the organizer of all this, it's fantastic

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i have just made a memechallenge , how to promote it

You can promote entries in memechallenge room at
Good luck! :)

Meme Challenge #26 - Entry #1

This is my first time entering the contest. Hope you all like it.

Can't wait !

😂 😂 lol too funny how did i miss this

Don't miss this time :D

Going to try this contest. Seems fun.

Good luck ! :D

Can i participate? I´m new


Oooh yeah Pulp Fiction ;)

So great! I wanna be part of this..we are the bases or even the basic images to start...

Hahaha great idea xD

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks @adrion ! I Love Memes! Hahaha

I just posted my embarrassing attempt of a meme 😂

Entry 1

Looking at these two you would think they been trading cryptocurrency for the month of July.


Some wicked memes here! Congrats to the winners!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Captain here : pulp fiction ..this scene took part after the killing in the car
I hope this helping you in making meme

[email protected] fibraThis context has been like your fanyour opinion isnt worth anything to me anymore. Just making some excuses for your mistakes. This is like Banana Republic Contest. Money is important for you and nothing else, i vote and follow you, you follow me.....

My first ever entry into meme challenge!

Hello friends steemit @fibra59 my post thx for meme challenge

yash . . . . . I make it
I hope be the winner this week


Woah! That's one hectic title 'Found of the meme challenge' :P

Nice post lol. There are so many posts about that smiling dog hahaha!

hello! can i still join you contest? @fibra59? :)
I'm still new at steemit

I want try again, I like it :D

Good luck :)

Hello all! Here's my first entry to the #memechallenge! Enjoy it!
For all those who don't know kopi luwak, check it out here :

Excellent post, follow me @ joserc.vzla