Some Relatable Bitcoin memes

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This season exit the system

I really hope you guys bought some at the dip, and dint panic sell.
Just HODL it, we got long journey ahead.

These days Bitcoin vs the media

Hate it or love it, but you cant ignore it

If they don't find any valid reason again'st the bitcoin

Bitcoin haters are most probably NO COINERS


And NO COINERS be like it's not a good investment

Source : Reddit

Similar conversation takes place, when you try to convince people about bitcoin lol

This is literally every bitcoiner in 2017

They said Bitcoin is crashing, it will go down, sell your coin and then..... DRwNBKKU8AA7sKa.png

I hope you enjoyed going through these meme ! Thanks for checking out :) Merry christmas and Happy holidays!


That's really so very fantastic !!!...some amazing meme !!! :)
There are some PJs too !!!...
Whas a Bitcoin...!!!???
Well, Well, Well...A Coin that has been "Bitten" is called a BIT-COIN !!!

Hahah 😆 have to make meme on this one.
I hope you're having a enjoyable holidays there 🙂

Hehehehe.... Yes bitcoin is everywhere these days

Yeah 😅 even our Indian media is talking about it but in negative way though. But people are becoming aware of it , that's a good thing.

Bitcoin world currency!;) merry Christmas!:)

Some time soon there will be a "Turning Point", as the "Unwashed Masses" begin to understand that the value of Bitcoin, VS the Dollar, or the Euro is meaningless!!! When people begin to compare how many dozen eggs a Satoshi is worth, or how much in Bitcoin... is a loaf of bread, things will completely change. There are now over 11,000 retailers selling REAL goods & services for Bitcoin. The REAL utilitarian use & value of Bitcoin (Steem) as a usable currency that's not centrally controlled will change the World!

Definitely it will change the world! Blockchain is the best thing happened to us.

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