TESLA: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, ... 😂

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So hat die Presse vor 10 Jahren über Elektroautos berichtet. Irgendwie erinnert mich das auch an Krypto, wie die Presse und das Establishment ständig Bitcoin und Kryptowährungen schlecht reden 😂


Source: Tesla, 📽 2021 Tesla Model Y — Full Presentation with Elon Musk at 27:00


This is how the press reported about EVs 10 years ago. Somehow it reminds me of Crypto as well, how the press and the establishment constantly try to discredit Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the mass media 😂

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Ja da ist was wahres dran! !invest_vote

Ja das erinnert mich auch stak daran. Hoffentlich wird Musk für seine frühe Adaption und seinen Mut auch belohnt. Die grossen anderen holen auf und da werden Milliarden investiert. Schade das Wasserstoff so gut wie kein Thema ist. !invest_vote LG Michael

Now for Tesla to make them electric powered solar cars,seriously the car rooftop is really wasted.

Ja, die machen ja auch nur das für das sie auch bezahlt bekommen. Irgendwann ist Journalismus durch Produktwerbung ersetzt worden .... "unlauterer Wettbewerb?!" so was machen doch alle.

(uups, was is denn da passiert)

And the flow is always the same :)

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Dann mal auf die Cryptos 💸💸💸

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I think it's safe to say that fossil fuels are an outdated source of energy. It's really just a matter of time. As more companies switch over to electric the technology will improve at faster and faster rates. It's good that there are people like Musk who are willing to question and go against the status quo

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This Winter will decide if evs are anything worth.
Especially regarding their batteries (which pollute the whole environment by being built and recycled, who also dont last forever and maybe not at all in the cold.)

A 5 hour traffic jam could be your death in a freezing car without energy to heat (already after 2 hours)

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There will always be edge cases where ICE cars are better but without innovation and letting new technology evolve there is no progress.

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