Meme Combat Week #3

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Wow, we are now at the third week of the meme combat which started two weeks ago and am really glad we are going somewhere higher. participants increasingly daily, now we have 18 contestant in the week 2

And The winners for Week 2 are


First winner @adebayopaul


Second winner to @uniqueknowledge


Third winner goes to @burlarj


Payment sent

Third week entry

Make a meme from the image below


prize remain the same

first winner 2.5 SBD

Second winner 1.5 SBD

Third winner 1 SBD

Rules are the same

Text must be in your meme

Adding and removing from the meme picture is allow,

Title must be Meme Combat # - Entry #

Drop your meme image in the comment section

Only one entry is allow

How to support

By upvoting (compulsory for all contestant)

By resteeming to create more awareness ( compulsory for all contestant)

a big shout-out to our supporters and participant and especially our hidden judges. Kudos to you all

Goodluck in this week entry


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meme combat-#entry#

Congrats, to the winners!
here's my entry

Thanks for the reward, I received it

Meme Combat #-entry#

That moment you heard that a snake swallowed 36million naira from jamb officeIMG_20180218_140854.jpg

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Meme combat#- Entry#

Congratulations to the winners. Hope to see more entries today.


Thank you! I appreciate

I really appreciate your reward and transparency in this contest. That was my first participation in MEME contest, which was the MEME contest 2. This is one, if not the best of the contests i have participated in, not because i was chosen as one of the winners, but because there is sincerity in the judgement of this MEME contest in steemit. From my experience and opinion, in the contest, the judges were not sentimental, because i would say that i am still a newbie, known by few. I want to say thank you once again.


You are welcome, and am really grateful for your participation towards this contest


Thank you bro

I really appreciate the reward, most of all the opportunity to partake in a contest. Thanks everyone

Meme Combat # - Entry #


Meme Combat # - Entry #


Meme combat# entry#

Meme Combat # - Entry #


Meme combat # - Entry#