Working in Fast Food Memes

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Working in Fast Food Memes


Working in Fast food was a big eye opener for me. Working hard for 10-12 hours while making minimum wage and being talked down to by customers was enough for me.


I have nothing but respect for fast food workers. I had a customer come behind the spit shield, grab my serving spoon and get his own portion of sauce in his food. What do you say to that?


On the plus side, I was able to start in the business and work my way into pseudo-management. I quit as soon as I got another job in my industry, and my boss was incensed. He threatened to contact my new manager and was upset I was leaving so soon. In hindsight, I would have left immediately after, but I worked a few more weekends and quit. In summary, it was a hard job and I'm glad it's done.


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