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Hahaha!!! A little meme to amuse myself and somewhat sum up my ambivalent feelings about self-upvoting!

I always waffle back and forth about this. I kind of figure if I have to think about it this much then I probably just should not do it. However, I also think that if I don’t think my own post is good enough to upvote then why post it? Plus, I have upvoted thousands of others posts have I not?

I will probably never decide for sure, but due to the nature of this meme, I am absolutely compelled to do it on this post. Compelled! I have too!!!

Anyways... Enjoy!! I won’t upvote any of my own comments on this post to assuage my guilt :-) I am sure the dirt will wash off in the shower in the morning!


It's your capital and it seems really silly that someone wouldn't self vote their own posts. Now if you post multiple times a day then maybe not at 100%, but to give yourself a boost once a day or every few days when you post is perfectly fine IMO.

Yes! Logically it makes sense, but there is some kind of something inside of me that says no beuno!

I think it has something to do with my upbringing. Blaming the parents on this one :-)

Maybe if I voted after 15 minutes I would feel better. Or maybe I'll do some kind of desensitization therapy and just go 100% immediately for all of my posts, all of the time until I don't feel guilty or get sick of it!

Thanks for the comment!

Well being that the advantage of self voting at 0 minutes is completely gone and just puts some of the curation back into the reward pool there isn't much reason to self vote to early. But I always make sure to get the self vote in before any large votes that I know will come in. The PIFC account has a lot of SBI shares so the vote is pretty good and it comes at 15 minutes so I always make sure the self vote happens at 14 minutes. Only makes sense to take full advantage of that. Growing the account allows us to have more resources to help more people in the future with higher votes...kind of the put your oxygen mask on before helping those around you approach like they explain on an airplane.

Hmmm. That last bit IS true.