Bitcoin News Meme June 12, 2019

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Bitcoin News Meme June 12, 2019

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Wao... Amazing. Hope the conference comes and ends successfully. It going to be a remarkable conference in history where issues with privacy and security would be treated. Hopefully we start seeing more privacy adopted on blockchain. All thanks to projects like Veil for taking the lead in this.

Great news. The cryptocurrency world needs privacy . Which we know the old monero and zcash. Veil is an hybrid privacy coin . With veil the cryptocurrency can achieve privacy rate in cryptocurrency.

With good privacy like veil and monero privacy tools, bitcoin will far above $10k and with the same privacy there wont be much IEO to scam people. As we are discussing about privacy, lets do well to also look into veil privacy protocols. Thanks. As there are adoptions, our focus should also center on privacy.