Beware of the Thought Police

in meme •  4 months ago

We must question everything and at the same time, not be afraid to do so. Imagine a world where you could be criminally prosecuted for something you believe or maybe for something you dont believe... or maybe you are brought to trial over a few (non violent) words. The wild thing is, is that the near future might make this a reality. For the average person this may not even seem like a relevant issue...

But for others, we may feel like the meme below is our fate


"Why would I care about what the NSA sees, I dont have anything to hide." -- The Average American

This steemit post has been brought to you by my random thoughts and tangents I experience on a daily basis.


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haha true dear

lols! the last one is hot

ROFL. That was a really good joke in the end.

Lol. Hahahaha.
The last one is crazy. This boy is a genius

Hahaha! Damn how did I miss this gem?