August 1971 (addios gold standard)

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"Temporarily" has been going on for almost 47 years now.
I guess Nixon proves that time is relative.


Sad part is no one seems to notice.

The current fiat monetary system is the biggest scam of all time right in everybody's face. People are too dumbed down to realize it. If they don't even know how fiat money works, how can we expect them to understand crypto?

Its like it is so simple they cant grasp it.
i think with crypto, just like with fiat

The avreage person doesnt even need to understand how it works to appericate what it does. Just like paper fiat they just have to have a trust that it works. Most people dont understand the money they use but they still use it and because it has worked for them in the past they trust that it will work the same in the future.
When paypal was new people were like WTF but after a year or two of people using it it took over, they dont understand it or how it works and prolly even dont understand why paypal was a system that was needed for internet transactions. crypto is gona be the same imo. As people come across it and their friends start talking about they bought something with crypto and stuff it will become normal just like paypal did. no one thinks twice now days if you tell someone to send money to a paypal. i just think about all thoes same people using crypto and for online buys in a year and then right after that becomes peer to peer.
We are already going digital, we are just at the cross road where on one side we have the world of decentralized crypto currencys where there is no bank or goverment in control of it and people are free to trade amoungst each other without the need for permission from anyone or on the other side we have a world of digital money just like we have now with paper fiats where the banks and goverments have control over it and can choose to make more or less coins and control the flow of money from one place to another.
I doubt half of the world will even know anything happend after the path is finally taken. we will be cheering or crying though and people will think we are crazy conspericy people. :D

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