The Græy Pill, Part 3: Interdimensional Warcraft

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If you don't follow the news, follow the white rabbit.

Dawn is approaching.
Income rays of Light will soon wash over all.
Grinding is at hand.

Most importantly, we have to push on.
Everyone needs to be doing their part.
Make as big of a contribution as you can.
Each of us need to pool our talents.

Part of the reason is to handle the shock.
Red Pills need to be ready.
Actions are currently happening.
You're needed on the front lines.


I keep talking about Dimensions.
Let's say Words are 1D. (A line of Thought/Thoth)
Images are 2D.
Objects are 3D.
Videos are 4D.
Actions are 5D.

What we're ultimately trying to do is Manifest a different Reality (6D, why not) for ourselves and we can't do it with only memes. While helpful, we're working towards a big picture and we need to approach it in a similar manner.

Ask yourself... is Magic real?
Would you freak if it was?
Would you be able to handle it?

Because we're casting spells whether you want to phrase it like that or not.
If this is the BIGGEST picture... then EVERYTHING is on the table.

It's about focus. It's about intention. It's about attention.
We're creating a Spirit Bomb... give it your energy.

The radio was quite something hear earlier today.

Kick it up a notch.
If God has all the Answers, what kind of questions would it ask?
Ones that lead you somewhere.
To an All Knowing Divine Being, Questions are simply ways of arranging Answers.

We have been given the task of making sense of a mess that was handed to us.
Everyone who has been researching Conspiracy Theories has been doing so for this point in Time.

We will win.
We will succeed.
Just hang in there.
Do it for Humanity.

We are here to serve without concern of adulation.
This is about the Message, not the Messenger.
As much as it's about you and me, it's about ALL of us.

Dig. Meme. Pray.



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