The Græy Pill, Part 2: Questions and Quixote

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"Tell me more about this 'meme magic" - Donny Wonka

My fellow Earthicans.
As you may have realized: The time is now.
Yes, It is in fact Happening.

Kindred spirits have been brought together.
Everyone needs to be involved.
Kicking the can down the road is no longer an option.

Before you realize it, the nightmare will be over.
Literally, it's all or nothing.
Everything has been leading to this.
Some will die.
Some will make it to the other side.

How many of you imagined you'd have this chance?
If you're being honest with yourself, did you have hope?
Maybe you were trained for this?

Think back.
How many times have you fallen backwards through a door/gate...
Only to find yourself prepared for the situation.
This is what I'm getting at.
How about I break it down?

Part 7.jpg
"As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. As the Macro, So the Micro."

Memetic Magic is Prayer and Intention Casting on steroids.
Prayer puts you in a submissive, needing, wanting, begging position.
Intention Casting is all about your Ego. "The Secret".

Memetic Magic on the other hand...
It's not private like prayer.
It's not temporal like casting.
It's open, it's timeless, it's communal.
It's manifestation across multiple dimensions.

Multiple Dimensions? Let me explain.
Intent -> Thought -> Action.
Your "Intent" is "That which you truly desire".
Your "Thought" is how you envision it.
Your "Action" is the follow through.

Examples: Negative, Neutral, Positive, same goal.

Negative: Fight Fire With Fire; Negativity Spreads
Your Intention is for there to be an end to The Darkness (evil, corruption, sociopathy, etc.).
Your thought is that it must be destroyed.
Your action is to incite this destruction.

Neutral: Let the Burn Out; Inactivity
Your intention is for people to live their lives unmolested.
Your thought is that it will go away eventually.
Your action is to do nothing. You might keep track of it, but you trust others to do it.

Positive: Baptize The Fire; Help Others Out
Your intention is for people to be free, happy, and no longer abused.
Your thought is that Good must be supported and protected.
Your action is to help others receive the justice they're owed.

Negative Memes spread Negativity.
Neutral Memes don't spread anything actionable.
Positive Memes spread Love, Hope, and Support.

What is most needed right now?
Do you see the windmill, the giant, or the ultimate force they allegorically represent?
Who do you go after?
How do you go after them?
What happens when they're a thing of past?

This is why you need to stay Positive.
Negative: Once they're destroyed, who is your next target?
Neutral: Even if they did go away, you haven't even thought about afterwards.
Positive: After they're gone, you continue with your intention, thoughts, and actions.

Their End is Your Beginning, and Continuation.
This is your last chance at the Life you know that humanity was meant to enjoy.
Do not be a black and white extremist, however.
Be Græy. Be like water, be like smoke.
Fill all the voids. Afford them no quarter.
Not all Force is Violence. Some force is righteously justified and necessary, but never desired.

Part 3 will be about the other Dimensions.
Image, video, audio, art, and IRL.

The Feels Do Reals.
Don't let your Memes be Dreams.

Be the change you want to see:
Meme your Dream Reality.

If you build it, He will come.
Give Him a great place to come back to.