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I love these things bit irritating that I've just seen this after I just clicked on power downlol still trying to work it all out lol

Hi Brian
You have some lovely posts
I am your new follower
Please follow back if you don't mind some crypto news

I wish I could travel in time :)))
To let everyone know the price of steem:))

hi brian, mynameisbattleaxe :) that's hilarious, ohhh if I had a time machine......

No doubt my friend. 2055 Steem is really heavy

hehehe i wont be powering down for a while!, i trust steem will rise very high!...

The question is what year was Doc Brown on that he see STEEM rocketed to the moon?

Nothing can stop me, all the way up!

I hope so but BTC on a rip.

True story. I should stop mine. But it's nice to play once a week 😀

cool post @mynameisbrian we all want it!

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