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London Knife Attack

Yet another knife stabbing in the very diverse city of London, I think it happened because there wasn't enough signage around the city to remind the criminals that knives are banned. The report so far is that it was terror related as the the attacker was wearing a fake bomb vest and stabbed five people, he was eventually over powered by civilians who managed to disarm the attacker. But was shot dead at close range moments later by London police, this all happened on London bridge.

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"A wise man changes his mind sometimes, but a fool never. To change your mind is the best evidence you have one." - Desmond Ford

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"I don't think that I would always be asked about my feelings about liberal bias in the media if there wasn't any liberal bias in the media. If it was a moot question, then we wouldn't always have the discussion." - Dana Perino

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You're either laughing or you're learning.

Join me tomorrow for more lessons on these really easy to understand concepts.

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I am baffled at the seeming complacency of the British to becoming dependent for their security on a state that is deliberately increasing the most significant threat to their personal security. I find this strong evidence the reduction in testosterone in the West being reduced by more than 60% in recent decades is not accidental, but is in fact being deliberately undertaken to reduce aggression in men who would have long ago overthrown any despotism so blatantly rendering them chattel, had they red blood in their veins.

Can't man up and handle business unless you're a man, and having less than half the testosterone of a man leaves you less than half a man. That men aren't seeking to treat this horrifying disruption of their hormonal system both reflects that it induces docility, and that deliberate psychological manipulation strongly discourages it.

Sad days for free men.