Nuclear Handshake -- Jong Vs Trump! (On Politics)

in meme •  2 months ago

Ok! Let's just, for crying out loud, say that the June 12 2018 nuclear disarmament summit between Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Donald Trump of USA went well, and therefore 3rd World War was averted...

And let's just say, also for crying out loud, that we are observing the Alternate Versions of Jong and Trump in the Alternate Realm of MEMEopolis, congratulating themselves after a hard job well done -- averting the 3rd World War, that is -- the following series of meme contain how their conversation may likely flow:






Luckily Donald Trunk -- sorry! I mean Trump, didn't mention anything about throwing a nuke at Jong for crushing his hand...

Well that's it for now, folks! Expect more memes soon. Till then, this is @memeories reporting from MEMEopolis.

NOTE: If you think this series of meme is funny, do leave a comment below and tell me what you think...


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I got to hand it to you @memeories, this content is hugely hilarious. I'm going to resteem it right away! Nice work -- keep it up!