Listen up, memers!

in #meme2 years ago

Get your memes in the queue!

Get them lined up so we can come by and shoot them like sitting ducks.
It makes it easier for us, and profitable for you!

This is our community:
We also vote this community:
No need to cross post, or double post.
If your meme is in one of these, it will get voted, if we like it.

Get your votes on them quick!
We will come by and vote them later.

You see any other place paying you to meme?

Tell your friends.



Didn't know you were curating original memes as well

Its a new feature brought to you by the dedicated curation team of memehub!

Please,see my blog and according please

Stop clogging the feed with bs.
Next I mute the accounts.

What is bs? Please let me know (I don't know it) please

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