It lives!

in #meme3 years ago

MemeHub is slowly coming out of it's long slumber.

Get your memes posted now!

Votes and more, coming soon!!


I did a thing

I'll have to finish the fry meme later. Realized after all that, I had too much tolerance in my tool and lopped off the poor guys finger. Basically trying to replace the money w the upvote symbol.

Good to have ya back

SWEET!! You wont see me around much for a bit personally as I am focused solely on coding fulltime. freeborn is managing my SP and HP curation and such while I code. I estimate ill have a beta in a month. I heard u were overhauling the SFR code.. hoping Ill be of more help as a contributor to it after the upgrade. Thinkni about a weekly vid on development progress

Was curious about that abuse fighting AI we were discussing.

As for SFR, wouldn't exactly call it an overhaul but more of a way to make it sustainable without requiring as much intervention from the core team at least until we can figure out a proper model to be funded.

In a nutshell, want it to be self-service with trusted delegators being able to approve their own downvotes that way the burden will not lie solely on the mods.

Have bigger ideas that I hope to be able to collab w others and bring to form in the future. We can discuss offline if your are interested.

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