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hey guys so the only way to make a few pennies on here now is to comment on my own post so don't take offense a homey needs to feed his kids you know what I'm sayin?


Hey what s the best way for someone to get a $2000 reward for a comment? I am hoping it's just a random click by some crypto zillionaire, and hey @ned and @dan are mentioned in the comment, should be worth like 5-6 thousand right guys??

How much steem does it cost for 4 bowls of rice in bangladesh? @ned? @dan?

straight shitpostin' all day it's the only way to get that rice bitches!
hook a fool up (yall greedy), best I ever did was a 15 cent post now that's over, the balls are in my hand now mofos (@dan @ned), I'll get my 1.50/per week somehow

This is a virus, you are now infected, a script is running, controlling the dialectic. a measly 2 grand per post is that too much? A fool tell me. @ned @dan. Use the seo for your own purposes folks buck the narrative