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These are the meme's that i have encountered in the past week that have made me smile, laugh, or think.

I believe that it can have the same effect on others, well, if they are like minded anyway


I live in an expat community. One of our primary objectives in life is to complain about everything and also to self-sabotage. We also drink a lot which contributes quite a lot to both. The above meme encapsulates quite a lot of our lives and mostly in relation to booze.


I love dogs. A friend of mine that I don't particularly care for had a wiener dog like the one in the picture. Even though I would prefer to not talk to him if I can help it, this was sent to him who is still in my messenger contacts despite the fact that when i see him i groan


Another dog one, this one is rather silly but also self explanatory. When I take Nadi for a walk I carry a plastic bag with me but mostly I do NOT pick up her poos. This has everything to do with the fact that a dog poo, left on its own will be gone in a few days with the elements that exist in my area such as sun and rain. A plastic bag on the other hand, will remain in a landfill for a hundred years. If she craps where someone is likely to walk I will pick it up, otherwise, i leave it there.


There are a lot of memes like this that exist out there and even though they are juvenile I still enjoy them. I don't ever want to grow up and once things like this stop being funny to me I will know it is time to die.


This last one isn't even a meme but is rather a picture of Nadi who is my dog and best friend. She will often lie next to me on the sofa and get annoyed when i try to take pictures of her. Too bad doggo! I'm gonna do it anyway.

I hope these meme's (and the picture of Nadi) brighten someone's day out there. They did so for me. have a great day.


A meme we can all relate to. You know, because fuck the french.

You are simply WONDERFUL in yiur sense of humour.

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