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in meme •  2 years ago 

These criminals can't stop it!!

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Ha! That's about right.

Oh no, China Banned ICO's! It's all over folks go home! Nothing to see here.
Ask your financial consultant, they'll tell you. Your bank will explain it to you. Read his article here, they know better than you.

Ehem. It's like the meme, people get on their knees in despair that the almighty govment is prohibiting their subjects and the conventional system downplays it. It's OK, it give us late joiners an opportunity to buy while the value dips for a time. @ironshield

I actually hope more countries "ban" it lol. I'm thinking a lot more countries are going to just so they can create a little fud then buy up some coin on the low ends. Like you said, for us that's just another reason to buy more :)

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Its not the government as much as it is the idiot banksters. However, the banksters and politicians are usually in bed with each other, with banksters pushing for these bans! Due to cryptos, those banksters won't be able to run their Ponzi schemes a.k.a the fractional reserve banking.

Thats true, but without government extorting the public, these banksters would have had no money to bail themselves out over and over again.

I was just reading the first few chapters of The Creature From Jekyll Island and it's crazy how similar the financial system was to crypto now before the Federal Reserve was created. Although I don't know exactly how free the market was back then it's seems like most banks back then were beneficial to their local communities. With that being said, I still think crypto is far superior than any bank ever was.

Exactly! Are you familiar with AIPAC yet?

No, never heard of it.

Every Congress(wo)man and Senator must sign a letter of allegiance to Israel and put Israel above the needs of the United States. Here's a great documentary on AIPAC https://www.opdeepstate.com/2017/09/21/the-israel-lobby-controls-america/

I see. Then better change the name of United States of America to United States for Israel, LOL!

It's treason to put another country ahead of your own, yet our "managers" in Washington DC are just there for the money and the perks.

I know you are already aware of that, but someone very wise once told me "It's the ones who are eavesdropping who are learning". :)))

Hi ya flatearthvegan:))) I'm going to upvote all your posts today, could you please return the favor and upvote mine? Maybe we can increase our ranking in the news feed that way and get this important information out! Thanks! Have a beautiful weekend! ;))

For sure! I'm all about unity over here :P

Thank you very much! I'll keep upvoting you and your truth telling friends until steemit says I don't have any more power... Does steemit increase our power to upvote over time, as we keep doing it? I haven't kept track how much it allows me to upvote, but it's like 30 minutes worth of me reading and upvoting.


I'm actually not sure, it seems my voting power is increased when their already a higher amount on the post. I know that if you have more Steem power in your account your votes are worth more obviously but other than that it seems to fluctuate for me.

Ah~! Good point. I have been looking for people with very few upvotes to help them out. I will upvote based on truth telling now, instead, because that's what I'm really hear for. Maybe someday everyone will wake up and I can take a vacation lol):)))