The first meme you came across...

in meme •  2 years ago 

Hello guys!
I wondered what's the first meme you ever came across on the internet?

Back in the day, the first meme I saw was called: All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

It's still cool to see it, even after all these years. It must've been around 2003 or something, when I first saw the flash animation of it.
You need to know - flash videos were the shit back then and the word "meme" wasn't even a thing... Good old times.

Now it's your turn, what's the first one you ever saw?

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Nice to meet you, @bvried! This post is sooo funny lol, hope you will have a great time here and ive send u a small tip and wish you a amazing day :D

Nice to meet you, @bvried! ver funny post^^, ive followed you and upvoted your post and i have also send a small tip, i wish you a great time here and a nice day :D

C'mon guys, no meme memories?