Instead of the chains you created

in meme •  last year

Seriously, but why? Is it like a two way self gratifying game?
One one hand you don't use the chains you created and then use the chain you plan to replace and make it say:

fkn savage, Dan...fkn savage..

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Very funny way to look at this growing thing.

Thats a funny blog post. Keep it up. Followed.

I think the idea might be to get Ethereum community and developers invested in EOS. This intersection might help the entire 'Graphene network'.

But these are just guesses of mine. I was surprised too.


Everybody's doing an ICO on ETH these days. Based on the telegram discussions and Q&A sessions i was expecting something more innovative in terms of distribution and not limited to just one contributing chain but heh...we'll see.

It certainly needs to be appealing to more than just Dan-fans which are mostly BTS/Steem..