A Meme tribute to all my lost socks

in #meme4 years ago (edited)

busy socks.jpg

My busy life style or shall I say rat race does not give me much time to think about the mundane things like a pair of socks that may have become unusable because one of the socks has gone missing.

however in times of lock down due to the corona virus it all seem it have changed.
With more time on my hand .. well technically at least I am beginning to ponder upon some things that I gave little importance to earlier.
For instance socks.
Referring to the days I had only one or two pairs I would wear them in rotation after washing them off course and they never seem to get lost.
With more pairs of socks around they surely tend to go missing more often only to reappear from all kinds of places like from under the bed to the back side of the living room sofa.

So I have taken a bit of comic take on the whole situation and turned it into a meme


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