7th Cebu Steemit Bloggers Meet-up

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Hello fellow steemians. Good day to all of you! Yesterday, February 4, 2018 was our 7th Cebu Steemit Bloggers Meet-up held at Marisse Patisserrie at exactly 1:00 in the afternoon. Actually, it was my 3rd steemit meet-up. First, in Lapulapu Mactan Newtown wherein we met all the Lapulapu Steemians there. 2nd was during sinulog festival wherein we met the cebu steemians and the third one was yesterday.


I was so glad that I attended those 3 meet-ups since I was a steemian way back December last year. Because through our meet-ups, I learned a lot of things about steemit and I also met steemian friends.
As we arrived in the venue, we first signed our attendance. Before the discussion proper, we all gathered outside near the swimming pole for picture taking and some announcement by sir @itinerantph.


He divided the group into 3 groups. 1st group for the newbies, 2nd for the eutopia and 3rd for the international. and I belong to the 2nd group. Our first speaker was sir @jassennessaj. He is very approachable and intelligent person. He discussed us informations fluently, step by step.

At first, he shared to us his experiences being a steemians. What are the benefits he recieved. Then he also discussed on what should be done in blogging, what are the do's and dont's in posting. Then how to earn and witdraw sbd. He also included the computation on the curation and many more. And also he mentioned on how many upvotes we should have in a day.



And also in posting blogs he also mentioned not to beg upvotes. instead, make a blog that is interesting to arouse the interest of the curators or those who have big reputations. And Im very thankful to sir @jassennessaj for sharing all those informations to us.

The next speaker was sir @themanualbot. Like sir @jassennessaj, he shared also a lot of things to us. He is young and intelligent person. He explained to us about curation trails, steepshot, dtube, dmania, bandwidth and many more. He also answered all our questions regarding steemit. Thus, Im also thankful for him for sharing such things to us. After that, he recognized some of the steemians like @ybanezkim26 and @guelery to share their experienced as a steemians and give us some tips on how to make a great post. And Im very proud of them.
We end up the the discussion at about 5:30 in the afternoon. Although our discussion took so long but I was very happy because I learned a lot of informations from them. And again thank you to all the people who were behind this event especially @jassennessaj, @themanualbot, @itinerantph, @fernwehninja, @ninyea, @mikekenlytungal, @purepinay, @queenjventurer and all the steemians for the support of the meet-up to make it successful. We are very proud of you.
Thats all, thanks for viewing and reading. As always.


It was nice meeting you @yen80 😊

thanks @mixaccount. nice meeting you too

@yen80 i was surprised to see myself here. Hebeheh see you around steem on

yes maam @gratefulayn. you were present in most of my pictures, hehe. thanks for your comment maam

It's good to hear that you learned a lot from the meet up @yen80! Keep on steeming! See you in the next meet-up!

yes sir @ybanezkim26. I really learned a lot from you. And also Im so proud of your achievement in steemit.

Thank you so much! It will be in no time when you will also experience success in your steemit career. We are also in the process of growing. There are a lot of areas to improve. But we'll get there. Just keep the faith, coupled with hardwork.

thank you for your encouragement

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