Vlog! We met in the Bangkok's rain x @maneki-neko || Steemians' Hangout

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Plans changed a bit after we talked first time that @maneki-neko might be staying at my place for a few nights or something.. We actually just had a short meet-up instead, last night. Went for some papaya salad and those North Eastern Thai food then scroll around in the area called ‘Patpong’ where all the pubs, bars, night life and yes, pingpong show (if you know what it is) located. We kinda got lost for a bit looking for some deep fried bugs.. and no, we didn’t find one hahahaha. I was not a good guide! LOLOL but I’m glad we had a chance to meet :)

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤



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Just finished watching your video. OMG, now I understand why @maneki-neko said you are one of his fave dtubers....

So interesting, I smiled all through


Haaa! Thanks for watching and I'm glad you like :) ❤️

I just finished watching his own, Let me watch yours ...lol

Hey! It is @maneki-neko!!! Its awesome that you got to meet up with him.
Looks like you guys found an interesting part of town! ;)

wow, good food friend @waybeyondpadthai I just feel hungry. after I see delicious food. I'm interested in seeing your post. I'll share your post by @ putra01

The food menu is very tasty and of course everyone's favorite tastes I want to taste it. Thank you @waybeyondpadthai


Thanks for stopping by! :)