🍺 Off to Steemit MeetUp Now - Wednesday Yellow 🐝

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You might ask what that headline should means

The crazy German and his headlines - you will be curious on a MeetUp is linked to Wednesday Yellow - the Colorchallenge topic of the day? Well, we are meeting in Munich - the city of Beer - and Beer is Yellow (mostly) and today is Wednesday. I am looking forward to hear from people attending Steemfest what happened there, ideally I am interested in any gossip, what happened behind curtains and obviously also what we can expect from the next months on Steemit.com, SMT and more.

Look how I was approaching my first (or maybe the second) ever Steemit MeetUp some months ago - that time I was admiring the marketing team so much as you can hear in the video. The Top Video is the review from that epic Munich MeetUp I was invited to join. A lot of Beer, Girls, Fun and Crypto Talk as you can see.

Who is coming?

Can't wait for my first Augustiner tonight and to meet the marvellous @twinner @freiheit50 @alexvan @bitone @beers @peter2017 @bobbyboe and maybe even the local Crypto Celeb @chris4210 - who else is joining? Who has ever attended a Steemit Meetup? Comment below and link me to your reviews if you want.

Prost! Cheers! Santa! Gezuar! Shereve! Genatsoot! Tim-tim! Vasai! Na zdrave! Gom bui! Skal! Sláinte! Iechyd da! Kippis! Vakhtangui! Jámas! Mubarik! Salute! Kana! Sacha! Aviva! Proost, op uw gezondheid! Na zdrowie! Saúde! Norco! Vashe zdorovie!´ivjeli! Salud! Mabuhay! Choakdee! Na zdravi! Serene! Egészségére! Djam!

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Looks like it was an awesome time!

Bin schon da! ;)


So Amazing and alot of information in it.Really its like alot of fun.

Prost! Have a fun filled evening with friends @uwelang

Psst: Don't forget to give us some of the news too.


pictures shows the history.you have done lots of done with your friends.and you feel happy.you have shared it with us.its a good sign.waiting for your more post with photo @uwelang


Ich wünsche Euch: Viel Spaß :-)

Wow very enjoyable post dear @uwelang photos and videos both are interesting to see. thanks for sharing

Keep it up Brotha!


Always my friend, are you still in Europe?

Have fun. I hope to get to some events in the UK some time soon.


Thanks mate - I am sure you will have some UK events - thought I saw you discussing already some happenings - happy to join a London one should I be over same times.

We had a mini meet-up in London last weekend, there was only three of us but it was really fun!


Cool, next time add in the awesome @steevc - sure he would be interested

I want something like this! LOL

*sigh I want everything to be perfect and exactly as I want it to happen but I guess I won't be possible if I always expect to be so perfect as a white dress with no stains and wrinkles at all! LOL and the clock is ticking. .. grrrr maybe I have to be a little bt nicer to humans. *sigh

I have a question...

How much did it cost you to hold this event?


Thanks lovely lady - however I am not sure what you wanted to express with white dress and wrinkles lol?

No costs involved as every body pays their drinks and food, we do it in a restaurant and all attendees get part of the rewards the announcement posts by @steemit-munich is generating - nothing special in terms of event bookings.


hi, @uwelang thank you for getting back on me.

Ohh about the dress don't mind it, I was just trying to crack a joke I guess, LOL it's a part of my little mennow not in this earth hugot (quotes) ^_- Speaking a different language sometimes.

Wow! that's cool!

I just had a meeting with the event specialist here in Cebu and I think I can save a little less but I am still looking at spending roughly 3,000 USD for this event (with my own pocket). I have 150 people. I have to close that number or else it'll cost me more.

Now, I have to start the official invitation to some steemians and some investors outside steemit.

It's tough but I know I can pull this off.

Should I use the old logo of steemit or the new one? What do you suggest?

Thanks! I am following you now.

purepinay footer.jpg


Great initiative @purepinay - re logo obviously the new one makes sense but I think you need to get an official approval by them before using it - maybe @andrachy can help here?

Prost und lasst es krachen! Schaut nach fun aus :-)


Danke, machen wir immer :-)


Gerne :-)

Hope you have a good time at the meeting mate! At some time we also need to talk about the "social-investment" channel on discord! Blessings! Stephen


Thanks buddy, yes we shall do that - the months of November / December are crazy business wise but sure we find a slot

When I am in Germany, I hope to be able to attend an event of this caliber. I hope you've had beers like the Germans there are not.


come over and let us enjoy a beer together :-)


I hope you keep your word until I travel there. I hope to meet friendly people, I will be in Berlin in February 2018.

Enchanted I would be sharing a German beer


That does indeed sounds cool
Best of luck though
Hope you guys have fun !

ohhh... bretzel!!! yummy

Amazing festival, it's also celebrate in our country.

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Wow, that's a lot.

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Knock me there.
I will be waiting for you....

Dobra robota ^_^

It should be great experience and if i have change, i want to be hear.

Just enjoyed your post. So nice of guys. I think you guys had a great time there. you know I'd learn something from a wise person, he once told me "The time you waste enjoying that is not the wasted time'. Keep smiling guys,


good post.

that's great !!!!!!

So good we have a real community when members of it meet up. Munich is a great city and no wonder you had a good time!

Amazing job ,Wow very enjoyable post

I'm traveling to Germany from the US this Spring. Wish I could be there. Prost!

good post, i like this

What a enjoyable post

Well the crazy fun event I like the fun and enjoy.

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nice post @uwelang...

When are you coming to Japan?

have a nice meeting!!

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i wish i could@uwelang

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Thanks a lot :)

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great post @uwelang

cool stuff!