The Results are in - The Minneapolis / St. Paul Meetup was a Success :)

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This past Friday, we hosted the "Steem Meetup" event in Minneapolis / St. Paul. Twenty-one people attended, and it was a lot of fun!

We started out at Davanni's Pizza in Edina, Minnesota. Everyone hung out there for a few hours, talked (mostly about Steemit) and ate lots of food.

We had everyone clearly print their username on a "sign in" sheet, so that we could tell who all was there.

Of course, no group photo is complete without a "silly" shot =)

After Davanni's, we headed over to Dave and Buster's and played video games!

The event was tons of fun!!

More footage of the event can be found here:

Special thanks to @artist1989 for designing the t-shirts that we handed out, and for putting all the photographs together!

I hope to see you all again at the next meetup =)

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I don't think I could have had a better time @timcliff ! Except for maybe being able to stay a little longer at D&B, but tis the life with wife and kids. Hope to see you and everyone else at the next one. Or even better, just walking down the street :)


It was so great to meet you! I'm glad you had a good time :)


i want to enjoy it


I feel jealous to have such beautiful gathering

wow very cool.. I think there should be steemit meet up all around the world.. and we should have rewards for helping new people get on boarding/


I've seen a lot of meetups around the world. It's pretty cool :) There is also SteemFest later this year!

Best of times @timcliff! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful Meetup! We had a blast!


It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed talking to you. Glad you were there :)

Well, that was worth a full power UV just now LOL!


I love seeing stuff like this.

Hey man, where did you get those sweet Steemit shirts some of you have on???

Can you send me one LOL!!!!

I will send you SBD and it is nice to get stuff that is not a bill lol

Good work everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping to see @lauralemons and @ericvancewalton in there!


Hey man, where did you get those sweet Steemit shirts some of you have on???

Can you send me one LOL!!!!

Our original plan was to have @artist1989 provide the image file for people to use, and instructions on how to print them off from Zazzle, but I found out after we made them that we technically weren't supposed to use "Steemit", since Steemit, Inc. reserves the rights to that..


I've seen some noise on that issue.

is this REALLY a thing?

We are all here together building this, right?

Does @ned really have an issue with this?

I would think not.... we need family, unity and commUNITY here for mass name recognition and adoption.

I cannot honestly imagine why this would really be an issue........... I have seen some of the stuff in cursory on this lately and just honestly SMH at it.


They are OK with us using the Steem name + logo, just not "Steemit". I'm pretty sure that it gets into a slippery slope - if they say 'yes' to one, then it opens the door for more. They want to reserve the rights to their company/brand.



I understand of course.


As a new person in steemit I also really like this shirt



Agreed. @opheliafu has an online store also, I am headin there now.

Thanks again for putting this all together, @timcliff! I had a blast, and now know that 4-person air hockey is a thing: )


It was so much fun. Thanks for being there! :)

@TimCliff - awesome job on the event. I've been to quite a few different bitcoin/altcoin related events over the last 5 years and this was at the top of my list for both fun & interactive. A+ job! :)



@timcliff Thank you for being a fantastic host! I had a lot of fun and it was great to meet new faces. :)

I had a lot of fun with you guys. I don't normally get out that much, but i'm glad I did. Thank you for setting up this awesome get together.


Welcome - I'm really glad you were there :)

Thanks again @timcliff for hosting such a fun evening! I really enjoyed meeting so many local Steemians and look forward to the next get together.


Yes, I had fun meeting you as well!

Thank you @timclff! It was a great opportunity to learn and have a blast! I can't wait for the next "meet up" or maybe just full on party and get to know everyone better :)


Me too :)

Thanks so much @timcliff for organizing this very fun event. I loved meeting more local Steemians. What an eclectic bunch of folks, my kind of people :)

Hey Tim thanks for the steem you sent :). You are doing awesome work here. Greetings from Brighton (UK) to New Brighton ;)

Oh wow man! The pictures are looking great! Seems like you guys had a lot of fun!

That looks amazing. These meetups are getting big as the community grows, wow. Pretty soon we'll need to rent out a hall to fit the 100+ local steemians that show up for a meet.

This is so cool!! How many communities do this? No social media communities that I can think of. This the power of Steemit :)

@kooks88 Looks sweet :)

Thanks @timcliff for organizing it and @artist1989 for designing the great shirts. I had a great time meeting everyone. Very much looking forward to another meetup.


Thanks for coming! It was great having you there :)

We have a solid! Steemit community in the Twin Cities!
Thus far I only knew of @pfunk and @ericvancewalton ...
Wow, there's lots more 😊
Please include me in the next meetup, I'd love to be an addition to the crew!
@scan0017 🙂

Wow that is awesome! That is a really solid turnout!

Very Cool @timcliff thank you for posting this and also sharing your experience here on Steemit! Always awesome to see a bunch of like minded people coming together and creating amazing things.

Awesome sir, I wish I could be there it seems so much fun and having everyone together too much fun.. I quite jealous of everybody that I'm not there.. but nice games coffee lunch together .. that's great.. I want to join that someday.. and yes I want one of the T-shirt I'm loving it.

I wish Thailand had a steem meet up. I haven't been on steemit long but I feel that this is the community I'd like to be in. This is awesome stuff man. Keep it up!

@raizel silly shot is the same as the regular one


If you look closely, he is smiling just a little bit more in that one :)


gotta get new glasses then

wow great meetup. i will have to check everybody's blog that was there

awesome, wish we had similar meetups in canada :)


There are quiet a few Canadian Steemians. Maybe someone could organize one :)


yea..gotta find a team leader lol :)

awsome....I have to find a group in philadelphia and do this!!! seems like not many from philadelphia

You can almost touch their energy!

Great to see more and more people getting tapped into to the revolutionary potential that is Steemit!

thanks for what the likes of you do to move steemit forward. this success is an indicator that steemit is taking over...thanks @timcliff for sharing

Nice familly =) keep posting

Wow, amazing place

Who design those t-shirt... I want want..we all want one


My spouse, @artist1989 designed them.

I was born in Edina but moved to California fifteen years ago... looks like I really missed out :(


Ah, cool. That's actually where I grew up. Did you go to school there?


I'm a young guy, was only in 1st grade when I moved :)

But I went to Concord Elementary there and began playing hockey. Learned to skate at the preschool I went to. How Minnesotan eh?


Nice. I went to Creek Valley :)

Thanks for sharing the fun. must be bit sad it has to stop temporarily i hope.

Good for all of you! Keep up the good work!

That looks awesome! I doubt there are all that many people where I live that use Steemit but I'm only a couple hours away from Seattle!

Beautiful team is THE best !!!

wow this is a nice team

Wow, @timcliff this initiative is great. I hope to have a meetup like that in my area in (New York).

that's the power of steemit
no other social communities enjoy it

This is so cool! Looks like a great time! 😇

I wish I could be with you

wow... thats amazing... hope i can some in the future.... to meet nice people...

Great time and a lot of to learn.

Now that's called Celebrating a success!!! Upvoted and Resteemed!

Looks like a fun event! Too bad I missed it! Damn!

Nice pictures. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

I hope one day I can attend such an event in either Ireland or UK !
Looks like tremendous fun, hope everyone had a laugh there!!💜

I am Korean. Always support meetup

Very cool!

It looks like you all had a great time! :)

That looks like an awesome time!! Cheers!!

looks like you all had a good time:)

What a great post so inspiering😊
Looks like u had a great time.
Thx for sharing

Darn! I was just in Minnesota for the X Games, I wish I read about the meetup sooner!

Cool to see more people doing Steemit meetups, this one looks like it was really fun!

That looks like you all had a blast! I am loving this community! Sharing to show others!

You all are amazing


This is awesome. I wish we could have something like this in northwest area. Great photos, I liked the one where you put everybody's name on top. Thats cool.

This is very awesome !

Really good to know.

This looks like it was so much fun! I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend this time!


Hopefully next time :)


For sure!

What an awesome idea! This would be great if one happened in Iowa - any Hawkeyes or Cyclones out there?


You could organize one :)

this is very cool to see! Glad you did this!

Awesoooooomeeee ^ ^

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