The SoCalSteemit Meetup, Steel Parade Taco Music, and the Tetrahedroseph song Derek likes. Part 1 of 2.

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The @SoCalSteemit meetup with @SteelParade at Taco Surf was special to me. It's the second visit from @derekrichardson and @SoCalSteemit community members. I'm honored that they would chose to have a meetup with Steel Parade.

It was fun. People danced, ate and drank. Obviously, talked about the Steem community and the recent events. We joked about how lacking the marketing/awareness for Steem is.

The happy hour/street tacos are delicious. I love the carnitas. I think I mentioned that already... I want some now. Derek had the vegetarian enchiladas. He said it was good and I believed him. Next time try the vegetarian tacos too. Yum, black beans. I should have bought everyone a drink. I should have invited everyone to play the steel drum during the breaks. I should have and should not "should" myself, but that stuff is a given. I was distracted with being eager to talk about Steem or to use the bathroom.

It was healthy to meet with Steem neighbors in person. Nice to meet you @brian.rrr and @stever82. I feel like I almost have slightly renewed type feelings about Steem. It's still a good destination for my awert. 😁

CLICK ➡️@Brian.rrr does a recap here:


I know @derekrichardson has one or two cool pictures of himself behind the steel drum. Don't make us wait too long.

I see why we wait. This awesome contest:


Steel Parade is island music type of band. A power trio that adds a steel drum twist to songs people like. We've done lots of private parties, corporate functions, and civic events. Taco Surf is the one public performance venue to catch Steel Parade.

Here is Steel Parade in one of the most awesome pictures I've seen of the band in a while. We rarely get a chance to capture this angle (from the front). Thank you very much @brian.rrr!

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 9.09.09 PM.png

Click on the image to see Brian.rrr's post or click here:

Most of our... MY camera angles look like BHTS type surveillance video/pictures. I get lots of images from my perspective, bass view, view of the bass, steel drum, the sky, fish, Max, Phil, dancers... cool stuff.

Not this day. Nope, I only took pictures of the ground.


Live Broadcast

I used my trusty fisheye lens! There was once a time when I would post about my broadcasts of our performances. I've slowed down because it tool a lot of work. This is first set. Periscope would not initialize for me in time to broadcast the second set of out performance.

Watch the first set on Periscope:

Use the link above to jump directly to our first song at 02:00.

Periscope has been weird for me lately. Stream fails to initialize in the most regular places, but on this night, Periscope was ready.

I look happy about it.


Take a look at the travel posts has created.


Take a look at the community Derek has created called @SoCalSteemit.


SoCalSteemit PEOPLE:

COMMUNITY before it was cool:

SoCalSteemit community -
SoCalSteemit on Steem -
SoCalSteemit on Twitter -
SoCalSteemit on Facebook -
SoCalSteemit on Meetup -

Please thank Derek for supporting the Steem community in SoCal. #### #SoCalSteemit is building and supporting the Steemit community of Southern California. If you are from SoCal and are into creating quality content here on Steemit, we'd love for you to follow us @SoCalSteemit and join our group on [Discord](




@derekrichardson, thank you for the donation to Penny. That was not Steem munnies and we are touched by your generosity. (I am inspired!)

Thank you also for hosting a meetup for Steem and connecting with me and @steelparade. I owe you a few tacos, but for now all I have is free music codes to Tetrahedroseph's albums. I'll send you some free music codes asap!

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Good times! We’ll have to do it again!

Yeah buddy! Every first friday of the Month we will be there (except July). We always start at 6, do that first set, then a second set, and end at 9.
Kids like to boggie and floss :)

It was a fun night. Nice recap.

Good to hear. Next time take a look at the steel drum and play it once. Not many people get the chance. :)

"Community before it was cool". lol, it's so true. Awesome post dude!! I'll get mine posted up tomorrow. I got a bunch of pics and video!

Yeah, you kinda said that. You were rocking SoCalSteemit community back in ol' 2017 and probably before that.
Looking forward to your recap!

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The pictures of the drum steels it 4 me :P

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