Steem Meetup Toronto - Sunday October 28th, 7-9pm

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Calling all Toronto Steemians

Steem Meetup Toronto happens on the last Sunday of every month. It's a casual meet and greet for local Steemians to connect, network, and exchange ideas. Grab a drink with us on The Pilot's rooftop patio as we chat about all things related to Steem, crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, social media, content creation/curation, decentralization, etc. Hosted by @steembirds (@dan-atstarlite and @jaybird)

Upcoming Event Details

When: Sunday October 28th, 7pm-9pm
Where: The Pilot Tavern (22 Cumberland St. Toronto ON)

Please RSVP on here

meetup group pilot poster landscape.png

😎 Let Your Toronto Friends Know! 😎


wow cant believe a month has passed since the last one! Looking forward to chatting now that my account has been approved.

Ya, time flys! Lookin’ forward to meeting up again for sure 😎🤘

Oh! Good to know. I don't have anyone in Toronto but this whole idea of a regular meetup is a great idea which I think I should consider implementing here.

Thumbs up guys, all the best!

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Yeah, it's a great way to get things rolling at the local level. Lot of fun too 😎

Bummed I won’t be there. Hopefully again soon.

Ya wasn't the same without ya lol

Been super busy the past few months, but I'm going to try and catch the next one!

Yes! Hope you can make it 😎

I second that

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