Steem Philippines | 9th Official Meetup in Davao City

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Steem Philippines Meetup 9d.jpg

Yesterday the #SteemPhilippines group had it's 9th official meetup w/a total of 9 attendees.

The meetup started with Gerhard @usveteran and @viverlie arriving at the mall first and actually quite early at that. The two of them contacted @chrisrice around 2:00 PM through Facebook while Chris was still sleeping.

Upon waking and seeing Gerhard's @usveteran message, Chris got ready for the day, drank a Herbalife shake and then headed to the mall with @emafe, his son and their household. He arrived at the mall around 5:30 PM and found Gerhard @usveteran sitting with @nathansenn at Bo's Coffee.

The group gathered around each other, @emafe met with @viverlie and @chrisrice greeted Gerhard and Nathan - @usveteran took a smoke break and @nathansenn + Chris decided to discuss what it's like to be in a serious relationship (with their spouses). Before long, the group was upstairs at Zark's Burger discussing and the ability to pay electric bills, water bills and load cell phones with it among other things.

Steem Philippines Meetup 9c.jpg

The guys started discussing religion and proceeded to talk about Government's eagerness to seize power over the people when Vyankka @hiddenblade dropped in as a first time attendee.

@chrisrice was glad to see her since she is one of the curators of the group and is good at giving feedback about improving one's content on Steem. The conversation then shifted to health, gaining weight for people who are underweight and losing weight for people who are overweight - make sure to blog the progress on #steem w/ before and after pics, chimed @chrisrice.

After a bit of discussing health, weight gain and @usveteran's W-H-E-Y recommendation, Christine dropped in and took a photo with @hiddenblade as shown above.

Steem Philippines Meetup 9b.jpg

A little bit after Christine's entrance, she and @nathansenn had to head out for a flight to Manila. Before leaving though they took a group picture together for memories on the blockchain and in order to post to the group chat.

As previously posted, @nathansenn and Christine are importing goods from China in order to sell to local merchants. If you are interested in buying products from China or having them sourced, feel free to contact them.

Steem Philippines Meetup 9.jpg


While chatting with @hiddenblade and @usveteran, Chris received a surprise message from @jancharlest who said he was also coming. @jancharlest had just attended a blockchain / crypto event in the city and indicated he was on the way to join the group.

Another suprise moment turned out to be when @jancharlest arrived but also arrived with another Steemian named Noemi @yanne. Noemi @yanne is an IT graduate and appeared to have software development experience, even experience related to blockchains and possibly cryptocurrencies.

@chrisrice wasn't able to gouge her entire background or prior experiences with cryptocurrencies but her @steemit account does show her working away with fellow IT trainees and she mentions a Hackathon in Davao City that happened in May of this year.

The meetup was cut short when @emafe met back with the group and asked @chrisrice to leave early. The group normally stays until 9:00 PM or even later but this time, the group was cut early with @nathansenn leaving first followed by the rest of the group leaving about an hour later.

Thanks everyone: @nathansenn, Christine, @emafe, @usveteran, @viverlie, @jancharlest, @hiddenblade and @yanne for coming. Communities and SMT's are upon us and soon it will be time to start developing even more as new IT graduates like @jancharlest, @yanne and @jemmanuel test their skillset and consider starting projects on the Steem blockchain!

If anyone lives in Davao City and is interested in meeting other blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, or if you just want to meet other people, you are invited to the next #SteemPhilippines meetup at SM Ecoland on October 30th, 2019 (Wednesday) from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM.


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Goodluck guys❤️.

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Thank you! 😀

hmmm so wonderful experience to meet new people especially when those people are here in steem. I'm so jealous don't have the chancw to join you guy's. How lovely would it be having random conversation and right after it's all about steem. Good luck for all of you and I'm hoping that many more steemians will join you there or many people from Philippines will join in steem.

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Where in the Philippines do you live @mrnightmare89?

We have some members in Manila and Cebu.

I live in southern leyte province, near in the Maasin City, the name of our town is Macrohon

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Always wonderful to see people, friends, Steemians, meeting up! I'm I'm Wes Philbin, PR Moderator for the @steemterminal... I see many familiar faces here... many I know and have supported. I'm here because I recieved a notification from #ginabot that I had been unfollowed... hoping it was a mistake, and wanted to stop by and send positive energy your way!! Love and light!!


Hi Wes,

Do you publish anything about the Philippines, are you a Filipino citizen, a former Filipino citizen or do you live in the Philippines?

This is some of the criteria for the people we follow since we are using our follow list to also share content about the same.

Thank you for reaching out and please give me more background about yourself and @steemterminal.

P.S. This is a fairly new @steem-ph account, not the @steemph account, but I am also trying to connect with former members of @steemph 👍

Guess it would help if I gave you the right link... sorry my friend!

Hi @wesphilbin,

Sorry for the late response.

I am helping @steem-ph with their Steem-related projects so I've been busier than normal.

@mrnightmare89 gave a great introduction for you and I also understand more based on your comments too.

I'll follow you again and I'll try to get involved in #SteemTerminal if I can 😀👍


Awesome to hear back from you!! I certainly understand having criteria and guidelines! I also don't want to break them... The @steemterminal is a Discord Server that welcomes new Steemians via the @heyhaveyamet initiative. I have known @mrnightmare89 and @chrismadcboy2016 for some time... they are also in the @steemterminal! I will leave a link for you, to come and see what we are all about... it would be easier to explain this way, and maybe, create another bridge!

I look forward to chatting with you more!!

hey @steem-ph, wes is a moderator of steemterminal. That's the place where newbie need's information about steem. He is also being an active supporter in this blockchain. Maybe visit their discord to have more information. It's not that you're lacking something, if we have many people around us it's better to make an awesome communities. If you have new member that having hard time because of their SP, bring them to steemterminal. Lot of people can help with them there.
Wes is a curator in c-sqaured also and many more big community. If you're not busy and have time, care to join their discord.

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Ah okay @mrnightmare89 thank you for explaining more.

I will give him a follow again since he supports the #SteemPhilippines community.

I am trying to make the follow list of @steem-ph the biggest list of Philippine-related users and sometimes that involves unfollowing people.

Thank you and I will try to visit #SteemTerminal 👍

thanks for giving a time to think of it. Also thank you for the response

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hey @steem-ph, is it fine to use your image's here? I'm planning to enter the contest that is on going about what will you do in steem in the 2020. Of course you'll expect for a mention and credit of your image as well as the ideas of having meet up. Just reply if it's fine but it's not, I'll understand and fine another.

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The only people who are allowed to use our photos are the people in the photos and @steem-ph 👍

ah okay, thanks I understand, sorry for asking by thee way

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No it's okay that you asked, I just want to be fair to the people that attended the meetups and to the @steem-ph account.

After you asked I sent a message to our FB group chat and told people that they could use the photos they are in on their own accounts and in their posts, so at least your question lead to that 🙂

Do you still use Facebook Messenger?

Or not anymore?

I'm still using it, I'm ln your group I think. Pauman is my name there. I joined when you shared your fb hrou

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Hey brother, would you mind letting @steem-ph know who I am? And what I do for our Blockchain?

sure my friend, but I don't think they'll respond right away. I'll try to go in their Facebook group

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That is so cool, can you visit Southern Leyte so we meet others.

That is so cool, can you visit Southern Leyte so we meet others.

Do you have any other Steem members in Southern Leyte?

Maybe you could gather a local group down there and we could share your photos.

Yes, we have plenty steeimans here. I am trying to do that but I need a help I am asking @mrnightmare89 todo the meetup bit I think Its kinda busy at the moment.

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