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STACH Vlog #10: Live from the Meetup of the Engineering Students graduates

in meetup •  11 months ago

So guys, we had the meetup of the "Nigerian Universities Engineering Students Association" Meetup at the Steem Accelerator Hub, STACH Port Harcourt.

From left to right. @pangoli @rogerman @njokuoluchukwu @Samiwhyte @promisengr @francistagbo @winarobert and @wyxlight.
These graduates are all Steemians and the beauty about this meetup is that they are Engineering graduates and they Steem!
It was a thing of joy that STACH could be part of their lives and they have been doing well so far.

Thank you for watching.

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Twas a great privilege to be here with you guys today.. It's good to know that we're connected in more ways than one (seeing that I'm also a fourth year Engineering student in college) and we Steem! I'm looking up to you guys. Thanks for having me @stach

Thank you @stach for hosting us, it was our pleasure

Today was great
I'm excited to be a graduate now
It time to steem steem steem.

I'd like to stay a big thank you to @ejemai and the entire @stach family for hosting us. We truly appreciate it.

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

Great job Stach
Am studying engineering winks

Nothing beats STEEMY love.
The hub is home to all.

Its nice to learn about you guys are doing through this STACH project. Ride on, the sky is your starting point.

Nice one guys

Thanks stach for celebrating us

Weldone guys, getting through school is work and you don get that aspect done.

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