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My beloved steemit community, brothers of @steemchurch, here we have a summary of what was the first meetup of SteemChurch Venezuela, an unforgettable night for all who attended.

With the video in hand.

Thanks to all the Venezuelan brothers who were there, they were very supportive:

@emiliocabrera, @xioran, @mildreduh, @taty17, @marcelo182, @kenaliz185, @oscarcc89, @cindycamp, @mosdad, @lorennys, @marialara, @xiore, @rypo01, @mergie, @Milagros, @maryelis, @roseri.

There are many who do not mention here, and also my thanks to those people behind the curtain that were fundamental pieces so that everything would remain as for the King: God.

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This is amazing, the brethren over at Venezuela has done a really tremendous job really, it's one thing to host a meet-up it's another to have a fantastic intuition, with steemchurch Venezuela covered in a disc, even @sirknight and @sniffnscurry can get to see it, including shipping it, to as many country as possible just so every parishioners in the world can see the amazing works work going on in Venezuela.
I must thank @darleneys her brilliance has been very outstanding, she's an apostle that's done so much with Venezuelan steemchurch, this is truly amazing

This is wonderful
God is really doing a great job in Venezuela and He is using His people for His great task.
May the love of Christ continue to radiate in your midst.

My beloved brothers and sisters from venezuela, am super proud of you guys,@darlenys you are simply amazing the change you have effected in your community is just unbelievable together with your team,all so dedicated!!
I like the fact that you guys used a translator so we over here could have a grasp of whats happening and this is the first time i am hearing the venezuelan language spoken😎

Everything is beautiful. Long live Venezuela. Thanks @ sirknight and his great heart this is a reality.

Simply fabulous, thank you apostle @darlenys01

El equipo de venezuela ha superado mis expectativas varias veces, ya no estoy realmente sorprendido cuando veo iniciativas tan hermosas, ya que espero lo mejor de ellas y siempre entregan. Los amo a todos y aprecio su trabajo duro para el crecimiento de la comunidad.

I was hoping that this video will soon arrive, Good memories should be recorded and this was an exceptional moment. Again thanks to SirKnight, to Darlenys, to the foundation scion and to the whole team of Steemchurch Venezuela

Venezuela is blessed because of these ones. I wish you more wisdom @darleny01 and I wish Sc-v a tremendous expansion. Your mighty works shall go far and wide, God bless you all.

No one has worked with God and go unrewarded, it might not be with SBD my dear Venezuelan parishioners but your reward is certain. God bless you

Everything of excellence for our God.

What a thrill, to relive this wonderful day I was eager to see it, felcidades Apostos my war of SteemChurch Venezuela forward

me hubiese gustado ser parte de ese equipo, lo que si puedo añadir que el tiempo de Dios es perfecto y que algun dia me tocara servir a @steemchurch, y @sc-v en muchas actividades que se aproximan en el nombre de jesús, lo declaro y lo creo.



Those kids were amazing with their performance. Love the cakes too

This is amazing!!!
The steemchurch Venezuela is really doing well, I pray that God continues to use you for his purposes.

great, the video was beautiful, thank you for making that great meetup here in Venezuela

This is awesome.
If the first meetup of #steemchurch-Venezuela can be so memorable like this, i believe the consequence ones will turn the whole world all around.
Venezuela is really a chosen nation and God is moving great on its behalf. i commend the efforts of the brains behind the success of the meetup

Wow healing hearts

This is so amazing and I saw so many great faces in the video like that of brother Marcelo. God bless you all

this is good

This is astonishing, the brethren over at Venezuela has completed an extremely gigantic activity extremely, it's one thing to have a get together it's another to have a phenomenal instinct, with steemchurch Venezuela canvassed in a circle, even @sirknight and @sniffnscurry can get the chance to see it, including shipping it, to whatever number nation as could reasonably be expected just so every parishioners on the planet can see the astounding works work going ahead in Venezuela.

I should thank @darleneys her brightness has been exceptionally remarkable, she's a missionary that is done as such much with Venezuelan steemchurch, this is genuinely stunning

extraordinary, the video was delightful, thank you for making that awesome meetup here in Venezuela