Team Singapore 1st Steemit Meet-up

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1st steemit event held by @teamsingapore at 49 Seats in The Centrepoint Orchard. The event was fun! All are in Good and enthusiastic Mood, everyone was really entertaining and none was leftout. I had a view bumps though when setting-up the camera. Lol!

It was different personally meeting all. It was nerve-racking and I was perspering alot. Good thing the venue was nice and after a few I was calm.

Everyone shared on how and when they got into steemit. Talked about which industry they are working on. There were no moments where the table got quite (its a good thing).

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join them in the 2nd round of the night but hopefully will do it again in the near future.




Thanks to @culgin for organising the event, and nice meeting @jrvacation, @fr3eze, @jessie901220, @seandeanayao and @moromaro

Hope next time that all can attend the meet-up and More power to @teamsingapore

PS: saw the post of @moromaro so I did the same thing with the pics. :D


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unfortunately i couldn't go for this meet up as i'm out of town. looks like u guys had fun. i've started following all of you who are listed in the attendance above. hopefully there will be another meet up session soon and hopefully i don't have any overseas events!


We did! And we will have more fun next time when all are present.

Amazing photography

@rockysmarties, thanks for the pictures again! You were awesome and I am glad you enjoyed yourself!


Thanks! it was awesome!

Thank you for the best time yesterday! My wife was also very happy! I am praying for the development of @ teamsingapore from now on!


Thanks! And also hope to see you when me and my wife visit japan!

Glad to see part of #teamsingapore steemians in reality. I saw you were perspiring at first. It's not easy to meet up with somebody whom we do not know in real life, perhaps it's more intense than having a dating dinner :) Glad that we all have the same passion moving forward.


Its a bit embarassing, hopefully I calmed down in a few. Lol


Not at all! You might not even know how we started in the beginning before you came. haha I thought you've found it handy after you ordered your food.

It was nice meeting you and thanks for taking nice professional photos! Looking forward to our next meet up!


Thanks! Next time ill be in for the 2nd round!

Glad to know you!


Thanks! You too!

nice shot.. sorry I missed the gathering...


Thanks! See you next meetup!

It was good that my first meetup was successful. My friend @moromaro said that it was fun.

Glad you guys had a good time... Hopefully I am able to go for the next one.