7th Cebu Basketball Meetup and First Day of Cebu Steemit League

in #meetup5 years ago

A long Sunday where most Cebu Basketball Steemians are looking into, our very first basketball league. I do have feeling that the players are very excited to do basketball matches. Most of the players are making themselves full fit so they will be ready for the basketball game.

I have arrive early in our 7th meetup and i have waited for a couple of minutes since there are still playing, and did see many Steemians waiting until our turn to occupy the basketball court. As soon as they are finished, we practice shooting and dribbling so we are all prepared when the basketball matches started.

There are 3 basketball matches , Team 1 vs Team 4, Team 2 vs Team 5 and Team 3 vs Team 6. Extensive matches was fought and each of the players did they best to win, but still sportsmanship was maintained.

After the matches, we did some group picture for our 7th Meetup. In this picture there are less Steemians since most of the players leave after their games.

Below are some photo capture on the on going games.

During the on-going games , @jassennessaj , @josephace135 and me regarding the future of Cebu Steemian Basket . We are planning how we can improve the prizes regarding prize rewards of the winning teams in Steemian Basketball.

Aside from it , @jassennessaj did show us how voting is done via discord using bot curation. I did learn something new and i feel amaze with it.

I am looking forward on the upcoming meetup.


nice win bai @robin-ho!

Uu. Hehhehe. :)

Congrats bai! Kami lihian man mig pildi! Heheh

Okies rana sure ko mobawi ramo

Puhon bai. Better luck next time! Pildi japun. Hahah!

sige puhon.. =)

Kita kita lng ta next sunday bai!

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