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RE: Boston STEEMIT Meetup hosted by @aggroed and @justtryme90 6:30 Knight Moves Brookline Tuesday August 1st 6:30pm

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i admire your policy , as the community grows it will be violations so we neeed to make rules and sanctions , not all the users are civilised , we need to establish a system that is very powerful and immune to all kinds of deserts , i think with creating bots as police petroles no one can complain or argue with a bot (it should be intelligent though) plus as some powerful steemians take the part of flaging post maybe its kinda irritating , to use steem power to flag instead of voting and encouraging , i m not judging any body but we are humans sometimes our feelings take over and then shit happends (god forbids)
its only an idea , from a minnow , a visionary minnow @racemlaadhar