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I've had a few pretty intense days with business breakfasts and dinners and all day meetings so no blogs from me for the past few days...

I did however have a nice dinner with @datascience and @itstime that tested my navigational skills.

It's always interesting to meet fellow Steemians. We noted that the platform tends to select for entrepreneurial and intellectual types. That's our story and we're sticking to it anyway.

We discussed many a topic as is typical for a first meeting. Whilst there were many interesting points raised, perhaps my favourite anecdote of the night was the positivity circle. If I'm recalling the story correctly, in a particular tribe in Africa when adolescents portray a behaviour that is considered outside of the typical social expectations, instead of being punished they are surrounded by the tribe and told positive stories about themselves.

So instead of shaming or punishing, the negative behaviour is shown to be an oddity by portraying the many positive aspects and behaviours the adolescent displays.

I thought this was brilliant. Instead of an eye for an eye, positivity is modelled and shown to be an alternative.


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I thought this was a great story for a positive ninja :-)

I'm on the plane back home right now so I should return to regular programming.


I'm glad one of the Melbourne meet-ups worked out well.

I’ve heard about this, how fascinating is it?! Do you think Steemit is a positivity circle of sorts? Rewarding those who speak outside the norm due to the encouraging nature of the platform

It is wonderful to have a deal, an approach with other users of the platform, because we are a family, here we listen, we encourage, we talk, we help each other. Great experience, good trip!

interesting , did you find which tribe it was or any link for further details ?

Funnily enough, if you go to the image source there is a little more information

No I didn't.... Though I will look into it at some stage

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