Coin Agenda Europe - STEEMIT Meetup Barcelona

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Quick Announcement! 

If you don't know already, today starts the COIN AGENDA EUROPE with an Opening Party for Speakers, Sponsors and Full Conference Attendees. Right now I'm at the harbor of Barcelona LA MARINA BAY!

About the conference (website):

CoinAgenda Europe is a new conference that combines the historic mission of CoinAgenda and BitAngels to connect and inform investors and entrepreneurs in the bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors with three first-of-a-kind, mini-conferences within the main event:

  • Coin Agenda for Family Offices is a half-day event targeting the needs of family offices, sovereign wealth funds, professional money managers and mainstream investors who are new to the digital asset and blockchain sectors.
  • Coin Agenda: Friendly Jurisdictions is a half-day event highlighting the issues and opportunities for nations, states and territories looking to increase employment and living standards by embracing the nascent multi-billion-dollar blockchain industry (before it becomes a trillion-dollar sector). Economic development, legal and regulatory experts from around the globe, including traditional tax havens in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, will take place in this first-ever debate on how each jurisdiction stacks up in terms of tax incentives, reasonable regulation, educated workforce, and lifestyle/cost of living for founders and employees.

For more info visit <<coinagenda>>

If you are in Barcelona and free today, you can comment here or message me on (same username) so you can join us tonight. But this is obviously a short notice for you to arrange coming, which is why we want to make a meetup happen. Still this is very spontaneous and not planned out at all, but I think it would be amazing if you are a Steemian from Barcelona or close to the city and would like to meet fellow Steemian @soldier and myself.


I want to use my time in Spain to the fullest, and what would a trip to a different country be without the attempt of a steemit meetup.. 

You don't have to be a CoinAgenda Attendee, to attend our meetup, but fits in the Conference schedule. 

So if you are from Barcelona, the area or know Steemians/ Other people in the crypto-space who would be interested in meeting and exchanging thoughts about anything in and outside crypto, feel free to join us!

Date: TOMORROW (Monday, 17. July)

Time: 8 PM (an hour before the official dinner)

Location: Gaudi Casa Batllo (Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007)

Contact: Message me on  STEEM.CHAT (@mrs.steemit)

I hope to see you there, and if you can't make it tomorrow in Spain, don't worry, there's still Portugal in November. 

We will also be at STEEMFEST 2 in Lisbon! So make sure you follow the account and @roelandp for updates.

Can't wait to meet everyone :) 

Much love,

- Mrs.Steemit

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Another great initiative!
We also, tonight, have a little meetup (improvised at the last minute) in France!


That's awesome! Steemit communities around the globe. Can't wait for the get together aka Steemfest


Bring it to Vegas and I'm there.

I absolutely love Barcelona! One of my favourite european capitals - after Prague of course:).... Hope the meet up was efficient! Enjoy the rest of your stay in this beautiful city!

Is there a calendar of upcoming Steemit meetup locations? Not sure I can make my way to Europe this fall, but could probably meet in NYC or Washington, DC.


I don't think so, at least I'm not aware of one. But it's a great idea! Somebody get on it!


Sounds cool

Can't be there this time, maybe @ STEEMFEST 3


Yes Hopefully! 🙌🏼

Hi @mrs.steemit! Marina Bay? Wow, it's 3 blocks from my place!
We would love to attend tonight.


That's awesome! You should message me on
Let's meet tonight at Casa Batllo :)


That was awesome! :) Really happy to met you all last night. Thanks for your tips, advice and good vibes. Hope to you really enjoy Barcelona.

great post nice photos, its so good to have people like you taking steemit to new heights


Thanks! Appreciate the support :)

Happy for you guys, Enjoy in Barcelona


Enjoy Barcelona and report back what happens during the show - sure you will let us know about any ground breaking news @mrs.steemit


Thank you Uwe! I will keep you updated :)


Bin sehr gespannt! Danke Dir

If only i live in europe.. could have meet some nice people from steemit there...fml


Organize one in your country ! :)


Yes mam will do :D

I am a new member but i really like all your post and i will continue reading your post hopefully i know you will also be doing the same to me to upvote my post and comments so that one day i will be like you


Thank you, will be checking your blog


Barcelona is really beautiful, just like you!

Have fun in Barcelona!

nice job


I'm from Bcn!! So I might join this evening!!


That would be awesome! Message me on (@mrs.steemit). We'll be there tonight at Casa Batllo


Enjoy in Barcelona and Coin Agenda Europe, a lot of important people from cryptoworld will be there :)

Wow, nice one.

Great idea, really wish i was in Spain so that i could be part of the fun.
Hope you guys engage and have a great time.


Thank you!

hope can be there... i also wanted to learn... very eager to learn


Message me on @mrs.steemit ! Would be awesome if you could come


We are at a bar. Come join us:
Plaça d'Urquinaona, 5
08010 Barcelona

@mrs.steemit Very interesting thanks

Hi, I'm in Barcelona.
I would be happy to come around :-)


I guess that means not interested lol


Sorry, I couldn't get on Steemit. But please message me on @mrs.steemit
Let's meet tonight :)


ok, in chat now :-)

Awsome.Post us back on whats covered in agenda especially the thoughts on bitcoin split and impact on the eco system post august 1st. Sure its challenging times


Yes, I was thinking about recording a video about the btc hard fork. So I guess I have to get it done now ^^

I'm not from Barcelona - but I support you and subscribe!


Thanks :)

@mrs.steemit Wow, thanks for your invitation! ☺ @kayceesuave


Just messaged you on ! Feel free to join us tonight :)

Wow! Your global ;)

I don't know how long you are there for but if you have time taking the train 20 minutes south to Sitges is a trip I recommend ... I used to live there and it is an awesome town ...


So many people have told me that! I will try. Thanks for sharing :)


it is worth the trip ... awesome town


some say it is the San Fransisco (minimini) of Spain ... it has a lot of interesting history and lots of great artists have loved the spot for it's light ( I think the light might also just be the special free ambience of the town ... a fun fact is that during the Franco era Sitges was the only town in Spain where it was allowed for men to dress up as woman during the Carneval... Dali was known to spend a lot of time there and in the Port there is a Estela art hotel ... features quite a collection of Dali pieces but also pieces from a lot of other significant artists and specially artists designed rooms ...

so beautiful pictures

Ya I'm in Barcelona today, Rome tomorrow. I'm a regular jet setter. Maybe one day when my Steem account blows up eh?!

Barcelona!!! I really love Barcelona, but I can't be there now, maybe the next time!!! Besos y abrazos!


Hopefully! Maybe you can make it to Steemfest <3


yes, I will be at the Steemfest in Lisbon ^_^

Sounds really interesting ,would love to be able to attend but in the UK .
Would love to know what got mentioned there.


Will keep you updated. I'll try to do a London Meetup next time I'm there

very nice and interesting post with a beautiful pictures.

This industry is such a BOOM!

The meet up is a really good networking idea. Please take lots of pics and let us see how the meet up went. Have fun in beautiful Barcelona and thanks for sharing


Will do! Thanks :)

Great post and amazing pics😊
Seem like a great place to be.
Thx for sharing


Thanks! I love it, the city, the nature, the weather. Def one of my favorite cities in Europe


I belive u😊 I would love to go there.

Great post. Good job.

Hay @mrs.steemit Nice Post Voted & Followed
I always follow your journey whether it is Travel or Other !!
I Wish You Would Also Follow and Upvote My Post @funnystuff
Really I Liked What You Do Every Day
And Always Join - Upvote - Comment and Reesteem
I wish the same
Thank You Sweet

Beautiful ocean views and luxurious buildings, I like your posts.

All the best. Barcelona is amazing. i love it

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing this information.

So fantastic that this forum and people like you are connecting all the dots. This is changing the face of the world.

Any plans for South Africa?


Every body has got to get together and plan for his/her location with the locality. Get your friends together and initiate. That's the idea


Yes it's truly a game changer. Just like @kolex said, if there is not meetup in your area yet, create one. Just by announcing it I found out that there are some Steemians in Barcelona. Good luck :)

Nice post Mrs. Steemit. Ill be following you. Great work, I'm looking forward for something like that been held in my country Jamaica. Even though I'm a minnow I'm working feverishly to get some folds on board here. Thanks for an informative post and letting is know you are reaching out. That's really encouraging for us.


Thanks :) Do it yourself! Set up the first Steemit Meetup in Jamaica, that would be awesome!


Thank you. This is what im currently thinking right now, of @newton who introduce me to it will be a great part of this. Thanks for your inspiring words

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@mrs.steemit, Good fortunes with you, and very nice post. thanks for voting on my post. I did the same for you , @coffeedrinker51

Wish I could have been there. Hope you enjoy!

wooow very nice

Barcelona baby ))

Very interesting article and some great pictures thanks. Cheers mike

Barcelona, city where you can see the Catalan architecture of Antonio Gaudi.
And city with the worst drivers in the world lol.
Have fun guys :d

good post friend

thank you

Great Photos!

Its intresting and amazing fallowing your posts,, thanx

Congratulations @mrs.steemit!
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mrs.Steemit @ it again. this is wonderful. would have loved to be there...
thanks for sharing

I am new comer , I have followed you, please follow back to me

I am new comer ! I have followed you, please follow back to me

I am currently on Mallorca ;), but I hope to read more about this meetup. I love the Gaudi pictures!

Maybe next time! Don't suppose you know if there's something similar in Madrid?? I'll look into it. Enjoy! :)

Upvote and follow other to make there feelings express and be heard with everybody

Do the same guys ;)

Haaayyy! This looks like it will be fun off the chain! I can't wait to see all the pics!

very good attempt!

All the best. I hope it gonna be an awesome meetup for all of you.

Barcelona is a city with passion. Enjoy your stay!

I never even heard of this before. Every day there is cool stuff I find out just being here on Steemit!
Another beautifully put together post. I especially LOVED that photo of that flowery lime wash building!

Wow,thanks for your invitation though i have no time ,best wishes to all you !


Thanks! Maybe next time

Hey @mrs.steemit, if I get more notice next time, your event can be listed!!

I run the Steem Event Calendar.

You can browse the Steem Event Calendar here. If you are logged into Google, click "+ Google Calendar" to add it to your calendar.

Barcelona is a beautiful seashore city.

@mrs.steemit the bets lah postingannya ....luarbiasa...