7th Cebu Steemit Bloggers Meetup: My First Ever Steemit Meet-Up

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"I shouldn't be here. I should've stayed on my bed all day but something's telling me to go to the meet up."

photo credit: @thefairlady

Well, I can really say that I got bored at first and I was out of place coz I don't know anyone except @maimaimaichan .


They're so fun chitchatting with each other and discussing some stuffs related to steemit. Others were taking pictures with their co-steemians and others were eating.


Lol but seriously though, they're fun. I haven't talked to anyone because I'm a bit shy coz I'm not that open to others. But I'm trying to be. It's just that, I can't. Haha

photo credit: @thefairlady

The meet up was held at Lahug, Cebu Philippines at Marisse Patisserie Pastry Shop.


The place was astonishing. They have a small swimming pool beside their shop. (it's my first time to see a pastry shop with a pool beside it).


I belong to the newbie "section" coz again it was my first time attending the meet up.


Our spokesperson @ninyea @bellatravelph told us a lot about steemit. They really explained it well.


I knew other stuffs of what they taught us because I've been in this platform for almost 3 months now but it's really good to hear other things that I still don't know about steemit. Like the rewards, what to put on tags, upvotes, and etc.

The experience was fun. And I hope I can be able to mingle with them for the upcoming meet ups. I learned a lot from them and I hope I can still learn more about steemit.

Til next time steemians ♥


Hahaha, I totally get the "I should've stayed on my bed" part @leannepaule. I'm glad you chose to go. I remember my first meetup too. I barely knew even the core leaders, but it helped that everyone was nice. Hoping to see you in the next meetup! :)

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