Los Angeles STEEM Meetup - Monday, Sept. 2nd at 11:00AM

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Hey guys,

I discussed a few days ago that I would be organizing a meetup for anyone in the L.A. area while I was in town for the “Bitcoin is_” meetup.

I was waiting to see how many people would be going so the appropriate place could be determined. Currently it looks like we may have a handful of Steemians able to make it on this Labor Day weekend, as well as a few bitcoiners from the conference as well.

So I figured a casual meetup up at a coffee place with plenty of seating would be the perfect setting. I decided to stick with downtown due to the feedback I received, even though I know the beach would have been better... seeing that it is Labor Day, it’s likely to be a mad house.

I will be inviting more individuals from the conference as I think this would be a good onboarding opportunity as well. In my experience nothing wins over those interested in Steem, more than meeting the community itself.

I hope you see you there!


Los Angeles STEEM Meetup

Monday, Sept 2nd at 11am

Verve Coffee Roasters

833 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

You can reach out to me on telegram or at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thanks!

Much Love and Steem On,



sick of L.A. prefer Fresno

Let me know if you have cool recommendations for either one. Will travel from Norway to do a US roadtrip where a large part will be at the East Coast later this month ^^.

There are no appropriate words to respond to that message 😃

You have my apology Justine. Just can't make it...Maybe next time. 😶 Have fun.

Well I can understand not wanting to make the long trip for a cup of coffee, so you are forgiven. next time ❤️

For sure.

Best wishes on this. Hope it’s a success!

Incase you are interested @ronozuk

Thanks love!! If anything just more time to chat with lovely people 🙂❤️

I had a tiny meet-up yesterday in Rotterdam! Oh how I wish distances were smaller <3 Drinking roast coffee with you at the other end of the world sounds like such a fun thing to do :D Cheers and enjoy it @justineh!

I wish I could make it to such a gathering. Unfortunately, I'm at the other end of the planet. Best wishes on this✌💗.

Perhaps my friend @boosta can attend😋😂

It will really be a great time i am sure of that. Meetups always are

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