Lolli Meetup in LA - Tomorrow, Sat Feb 15th | Come have a drink with me 🍸

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Sorry for the short notice but it just occurred to me we have quite a few in the LA area and may enjoy meeting up with some fellow Crypto folks

Wendy (aka @CryptoWendyO) is hosting a meet up in LA tomorrow evening on behalf of @trylolli.

Date And Time
Sat, February 15, 2020
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PST

Boomtown Brewery
700 Jackson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Come join Alex from Lolli and Wendy at Boomtown Brewery in Downtown LA for a night of all things bitcoin, education, and fun!

See her original announcement HERE

And don’t forget to register HERE if you plan on attending

What’s Lolli?

Lolli is a web based application that rewards it’s users in Bitcoin when doing their normal online shopping. They have partnered with over 500 well known brands and their plug in browser is extremely user friendly.

They are actually working to make earning Bitcoin easy for all, by incorporating it into individual’s daily lives.

From their site (

Lolli is the first bitcoin rewards application that lets people earn & own bitcoin when they shop online. We've partnered with 700+ top brands to help drive sales and conversions on their sites. When you shop on one of our partner sites, we get a percent of each sale. We then split that percent with you, sending bitcoin to your Lolli wallet!


We believe that bitcoin is the future, however, bitcoin in its current state is not easily accessible. Our mission is to change this with Lolli, making it easy for everyone to earn, save, and share bitcoin.

We see online shopping as an incredible opportunity to both educate and reward people with the power of bitcoin.

We want to live in a world where every payment is as fast, inexpensive, and universal as sending a text message. We are on a mission to spread bitcoin to billions of people all around the world with the click of a button.

We're building the future we all want to live in and hope you'll join us on this journey. ✌️❤️🍭

I’m a big fan of the lolli team as well as their mission to bring Bitcoin to all.

So if you are in the area and want to take the Tron load off with a cocktail and some good conversations with fellow crypto folks, come join us! I’ll buy you a drink 😉

I do know fellow steemian @cryptostache (who you should be following) will be there as well as many from around the crypto twitter world.

It should be a good time, hope to see you there!

Much love,



Re: Lolli - how do you feel about them having the power to track what you spend and where, and then what bitcoin wallets the rewards go to? Also, do you happen know if they sell this data? I could see this market growing in the future.

Seems like a decent hit on privacy, but one many likely won't care about for the BTC rebate a'la the old school Inbox Dollars.

Have fun at the meetup.

I think that what we buy online is already monitored and the data sold. Buying online with a credit card sort of is already giving up privacy in a big way, so I don’t think that earning crypto on top of that is giving up anything additional. While transferring to a wallet of course then is traceable and attached to your name, so is buying from most exchanges. I do use a separate wallet for the BTC I’ve earned though, just because I use a few to keep things separate etc.

I would say for those that are more worried about privacy then something like fold app could be good. You can buy gift cards anon and earn btc off that.. it’s just not as user friendly.

They do not store the data though, from my understanding.

If you hear of anything happening in the Houston, TX area let me know.

I'm not to the point where I can just hop on my private jet and be there by morning.

Haha, totally understandable. I think the Austin community is pretty active, not sure about Houston but will let you know if I hear anything!

I like the sound of Boomtown brewery but sadly I will not be able to make it. Have fun :)

Just hop on a boat yo!

And thanks, should be fun 🙂

I'm on boat right now and it's leaking :O

Wish I saw this earlier.. I'm comatosed on the west side lol

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