Hey It's Terry! - @surpassinggoogle

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All of the pictures of this post are from KC, @indayclara. Thanks for the photo captures!

Got the Chance to Meet Terry!

I'm sorry for this super stressed face though. I'm a nerd, nocturnal and doesn't know how to sleep. I got the chance to meet @surpassinggoogle during his surprise visit in our Steemsummit here in Cebu. A thought that we are satisfied with the inspirational video that he sent me to be played for the summit, he did come to see us.


Lemme Take a Closer look for a handsome brother

Just wanted to take this opportunity for this picture to be published on the Steem blockchain. The visit was totally commendable. First, the ticket was expensive (A rush flight). Second, he does not know someone here in Cebu. Third, the time was very limited. I really commend @surpassinggoogle for surpassing those circumstances.


Till Next Time, Terry!


Best Regards


Wow, both of you are looking awesome.Thanks for sharing your moments with us.

He really conquered all the circumstances just to be with his celebrities. :) Aweee.. That is so touching. :) We're so lucky to have a mentor and a friend that is so supportive and loving. :) Ang tagkad tangkad niya nuh? hehehe :)

Woow..so nice😍, i hope i can met @surpassinggoogle in person someday.

So Mr Terry is this tall? For all of the pictures I've seen, he towers above whoever he's standing with.

What is the height? (^_^) Lucky you! Soon I will see him also and I will talk to him alone! One on one interview privately...

You are so lucky 👍😍.. Hope to meet Sir Terry in person too. I was so overwhelmed at the same shy ,when he chatted me that he was in Cebu to meet up with you guys. I envy you. Hehe
I wish I were there.

I see, everybody had a great time with our Idol Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle.

Congrats to the successful Steemit Summit. 😍😍

Love lots,

What an opportunity to meet the legend himself @surpassinggoogle.This will be one of those days to remember.I wish for that time to come for me also to meet him.Hope you had fun and you guys are looking good.

Jarau from Uganda.

It is really an honor for us for sir terry to come here in Cebu, It is a bold move for him on coming without any prior notice so that someone can guide him here and I salute sir terry for that , he proves that the uncertainty sometimes lead you to the best things. We hope to see you again sir!

wow a whole lot of picture this is, it seems he took a pictures with everyone, I'm loving the fever of this Cebu meet-up.

Two awesome leaders in one photo... <3

I also want to meet Terry @supassinggoogle

me too! hihihi... :)

@tegoshei, wala man ka nag attend. hehe

layuan raq sa venue man.. then nilaag aqng cousin sa amoa ana nga day, nagduwa mi sa park... hahaha.. Family first bya q.. :)

ohhhhhh. i see. hehe :)
ana dyud, Family always comes first.

you both so looking nice. just awesome. thanks for @jassennessaj

What a chance to meet the legend himself @surpassinggoogle .This will be one of those days to remember.I wish for that opportunity to desire me additionally to meet him.Hope you had some good times and you folks are solid.

Great photo for both great people with a passion of helping others.... God bless you always @jassennessaj and @surpassinggoogle

Hey, @jassennessaj it was really think it was a beautiful moment to meet up with the handsome , kind gentleman @surpassinggoogle is an awesome person we are waiting for a meet up too here in Uganda because it will be a blast too.

You are bless to meet a man who has a genuine heart! Thanks @surpassinggoogle I am motivated to continue my steemit journey!

damn!!!! you looking so huge boss. never knew you are this huge and tall. maybe because this the 1st picture of you I am seeing you standing on your feet.@surpassinggoogle
As for @jassennessaj I think you look more cute than @surpassinggoogle even though you look small in size. lol..dont mind me boss. just kidding

Two amazing people in steemit in one photo. I still regret upto this day why I went home right after the program. Huhuhu

That's kind of you to pay a visit at the Steemsummit @surpassinggoogle. It shows how caring and supportive you are to others. Remain blessed. Thanks @jassennessaj for the pictures.

Hi @jassennessaj 😥😥😥 I missed the moment bro..

Wow,@jassennessaj both of you are looking awesome.Thanks for sharing your moments with us.

Privilege @jassenneddaj you meet @surpassinggoogle personally, hope we meet someday.

what a lovely pictures of two great minds on steemit. when fire meets fire, then there must be an explosion, and it happened right here. God bless @surpassinggoogle and @jessennessaj for blessing lives in innumerable ways. keep the fire burning.

I wish I had the power to turn back the time to go back to time where sir terry @surpassinggoogle is on the venue where the steem summit was held. 😭

I hope I can meet @surpassinggoogle someday too.

He is a great guy

So surpassinggoogle is the taller guy? am I right?
correct me if I'm wrong.
Is he a black american?
Thanks for sharin this photos.

Wish i can also meet @surpassinggoogle , he is a great lad on steemit..

How i wish that someday I meet you personally sir terry @surpassinggoogle ..good job 😊👍

He's really tall! 😁

Very special bro. Very special. Let me also stay speechless this moment. Keep on inspired.

There is now light in the tunnel

You really really deserve it Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle! We are always inspired by you !

I refuse to be jealous.
I believe that I will meet someday. Then I will make the world jealous with our pictures.

Thanks sir,,,

@jassennessaj you are lucky to take selfies with @surpassinggoogle, its a dream for many of us hmm! lucky dude congrats!

You are really lucky man...😍😍😍
I wish i can meet sir :(

Congrats to @jassennessaj that you're one of those who were able to meet sir Terry, @surpassinggoogle during his surprised visit to our place, Hope that others including me will be given the chance on his next visit or next meet up, as we all know him nothing is impossible, what would we do without this wonderful guy in person and by heart...be safe always guys!

Hala dah! Kilig kaayo oe.

Nice man apreciateable post.

Wow, @surpassingoogle is a man of compassion with the society been is focal aim to elevate. His height is just too awesome. Nice post dear. Thanks @surpassingoogle for your presence in my generation. Indeed, you worth every recognition

Nice picture @jassennessaj. I hope one day,we in Nigeria also get to meet @surpassinggoogle.

I really want to meet with her friend. @surpassinggoogle
but i can not find it.
Greetings for @surpassinggoogle

great work man

Thanks for sharing your experiences. You guys efforts there at Cebu is indeed commendable.

Wow, One of the icon of steemit visits our event here in CEBU! Welcome and have a nice stay @surpassinggoogle

this act of @surpassinggoogle is superhuman @jassennessaj :)
really commendable indeed.

unta maka join ko next time sa inyo steemsummit diha. hehe
Congrats for the success summit bai! :D

This is so touching... Your (@surpassinggoolge) leadership trait is so amazing.

Believe me, I know the gravity of the happiness you (@jassennessaj) would have felt being in the presence of @surpassinggoogle.

I look forward to this kind of privilege here, in Nigeria.

@surpassinggoogle, I just wanna say to you... You won't be devoid of happiness, because, you are a source of happiness, inspiration and even success to many people through this platform...
Keep soaring high

You are blessed to meet sir Terry @surpassinggoogle... It is once in a lifetime experience also...

How I wish to meet ylu in.person Sir Terry to personally given you my gratitude to me and in behalf of thousands steemians.God bless you always and keep you away from any danger.Happy to see you in Cebu.

He looks so tall. It must be an awesome experience to meet such guy.

Nice photos. Amazing people!!!