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My first steemit meet-up was awesome. I went on my first ever boat trip on that faithful day!


I stay in Rivers State, and, as the name implies, it is a place with numerous water bodies. Therefore, the venue for the meet-up was across a river (Calabar River), on an island called Bonny Island. Most people call it Bonny Kingdom though.
I was to meet up with a group of people, who knew much more about steemit than I did.

One of the highlights of that day was crossing the river. Honestly, I was nervous at first. But after a while, it became really exciting.





Of course I wasn't going on a boat trip on my own. I went with a group of friends and they totally made the experience worthwhile.



The meeting was a huge success. I fell in love with steemit right there and then. We discussed serious issues concerning steemit. Lots of questions were raised and all were answered accordingly, clearing every bit of doubt I had about steemit.

After the talk, we were taken on a tour of the area because apparently the hosts if the meet-up were aware that we were visiting Bonny Island for the first time. Oh! The sight was beautiful!





And, of course, I made new friends!! This particular meet-up gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people. All thanks to steemit!


Thanks to steemit for this wonderful experience. So, that was how my first steemit meet-up went. I hope you enjoy reading about it.

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