Happy to meet my steemit family at the Ibadan steem meetup

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Steemit is a social media platform where you can earn writing post and curating. I joined steemit 7months ago because of the money but more important than money steemit is spreading love among the participants which will in turn spread through the entire universe. I've found love in steemit and I'm happy I join when I joined.

My number one family now are steemians and I'm always happy meeting fellow steemians.
Saturday 24th of February 2018 was another great day I met with my steemit family again and it was awesome. Thanks to the Ibadan Steem meet-up organizers led by @tojukaka. You guys did a great job.

I got to the venue of the event at exactly 1:45pm and was welcomed by two beautiful ladies. @arogboolabisi was among the two ladies, I'm sure she did not recognize that I was the @fatherfaith, though I also did not know that she was one of the two ladies until after the event.

The event started with red carpet with the beautiful @adejoke16 and she did a good job on the red carpet.
Red carpet with @tojukaka

Red carpet with @samstickkz

The MCs of the event were introduced. I tell you @mediahousent and beautiful @sushie did a great job anchoring the event. They blend well to give us great event

The MCs introduced the presenters and they all came out to give us great presentations.
The first to present was @samstickkz who gave his presentation on Blockchain and cryptocurrency

The next to present was @tojukaka. His presentation was on steemit where he explained the difference between steemit and STEEM.

@gee1 presented on Newbie Plague where she addresses problem faced by newbies and how to solve these problems. She also talked on the what you have to do as a newbie and what you should not do.

The STACH boss himself @ejemai talked about the project STACH. How it all started, the work in progress and so on. He also tell his story to motivate us all and he said an accelerator hub will be open in Ibadan very soon.

@thelovejunkie gave her own presentation on steemit etiquette. Imvtelling you, the woman was too much. She was full of energy despite the fact that she is heavy

Curator @gbenga presented about Flagging/SteemAbuse. He did a thorough job on his presentation

@ehiboss presented on Password Security where he explained in detail the dffernt ways of securing password and what to do in case of password compromise. He also explained what to do in case one losses his or her password

The air-clinic boss himself @nairadaddy presentation was on Building Ideas on steemit.

The final presentation was on SteemApps and the presentation was done by the one and only @destinysaid.

In short it was a great day and I'm happy to meet with my family. Many of whom I have not met before but we have been talking.
I really had a nice time with @oredebby, @olawalium, @aristokratos, @fadiji09,@mickey1036, @kingsolo, @xpency, @mediahousent, @sushie, @adoore-eu, @honoramous, @ehiboss, @gloglo, @mimy, @ejemai, @gbenga, @gee1, @nmalove, @aderonkemi, @tojukaka, @samstickkz, @thelovejunkie, @ewuoso, @nairadaddy, @destinysaid, @fisteganos and many others.

For your information, I travelled more than 600km (from Abuja to Ibadan) to attend this meet-up. Same with many others.
Meet-up is always an avenue to learn, develop, interact and share love with fellow steemians. Always endeavor to attend meetups, you will never regret doing so.

With @samstickkz

With @mimy and @ehiboss

With @fadiji09 and @aristokratos

With @fadiji09, @aristokratos and @mickey1036

With @adoore-eu

With @mediahousent

With @gloglo and @xpency

With @xpency and @kingsolo

With @olawalium and @oredebby

With @xpency (we both came to Ibadan all the way from Abuja)


It was a great honour to finally meet you in person. This is part of what steemit does, it proves that we are not relating with robots but humans.

Yes. It was a great honour to meet you too

Really excited to see you brother. You are really warm and amazing. Thank you for making it. I am sure you had such a great time.

Sure. I really enjoyed myself

Hope your trip went well too?

And i was excluded
I will not play with you again

I'm very sorry ma. I actually called you to introduce myself but you were to busy

Abeg forgive him and play with him oh.....😂 😂 😂

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Up up up steemit...! I can see it was an amazing visit to ibadan. Great job 👏

Ibadan pipo make mega sence

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