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Hello all Steemians and Steemians from Bucharest ! In last 2-3 weeks I was focused on oSteem development and for this reason I skipped Bucharest meetup. But this time we will be on action!

Most probably also with the first public version of #oSteem.

Where will the second meetup be?

Ceai la Vlaicu, I think it's a good and quiet place and also the beer is good and cold.


Next Wednesday (2 august) from 19:00 until 21:00 or more. I expect that meetup will take around 2-3 hours.


We will talk about what we had tried last few weeks and what we had learn.
We will talk about "Contests as a way of grow": #happychallenge
And of course we will talk about oSteem, where it is and where it will grow.
Of course you can propose any subject. JUST leave a comment!

What do you think, you'll join us?

If yes, please leave a comment. Also you can invite anybody you want.

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I will be there :)



Since i am not home i just hope that more meetups will follow. I notice that one was hold in Constanta as well which is great since i live there. If more meetups will follow like monthy then i can join you in the future and meet all of you. That will be great! Have fun and add some updates after the nr.5 meeting!

I might join if there is a meet-up in Brasov...


In Brasov not yet. Maybe in the future. :)