Boston Steem Meetup This Saturday at Noon: Drinks and appetizers on me at the Black Rose.

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Booze, Bah food, and Bahston. What's not like to like bud? It's gonna be a wicked pissah. So, get ya ass down to the Black Rose on Satahday Decembah 2nd right at noon.

The Black Rose

"For the past 40 years, The Black Rose has been Boston’s premier Irish pub and restaurant."


"The Black Rose is located at 160 State Street.

We are just literally steps away from Faneuil Hall – Quincy Market. We are also located within minutes walking distance from the Aquarium, Greenway, Harbour Cruises and the North End. Ample parking is closeby at the Aquarium Parkade.

The closest T stop is the Blue Line (Aquarium Station) and the Orange Line (State Street Station)."

ALL proceeds of this post to support drinking and dining

Yep, it's just to get ya fellow Bahstonians wasted and stuffed. I'll get the first round and appahtizahs. If there's enough post rewards I'll pick up the whole tab and put in up to $200 of muh cash.

Me and muh buddy @justtryme90 are hosting. Hope to see see ya there bud! GO PATS!


Dude I might actually come to this! Awesome for you to do that!

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

Lol. "Get day-drunk with @aggroed". Then listen to his radio show. Guaranteed to be more fun--and ranty-- than usual. 😁

ok i give my 10c. someone can have a sip of beer on me.

Also, definitely gonna drink to you for the contribution.

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I'll watch for this again when I'm in Boston!

Woah hanging out with Aggroed in person! That would be awesome Have fun guys!

Check that out! Some Blocktrades beers! I'll have a toast.

Lol tnx blocktrades

I would come but i am halfway around the world. Haha

If only this was much MUCH closer...le sigh...


Wow, is a nice environment created to steemit yourself to build your success. I'm fascinating how successful it can help me a little

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Long trip just to hear those retaaaawwwwwwded accents. I'd send some Boys to whip y'all Pat butts, but this is the wrong year for that to happen.

We don't all have the accents.

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

I'm gonna be there -- I'm so psyched!

should be fun

Ahhhhhhh ima meet kizzyyy?!?? Yaaay dont forget to catch my good side kid lolololo

Hope to meet some more Boston area steemians!

Please tell me i wont be the only sober person pleeeaazzzeee lol.

nope. I'll be ther!

Does this means the pics of your face will appear online?!?! 😁😜✌🏻🤷‍♀️🙌🏻🦄

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