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"Succesfull people are always looking opportunities to help others.Unsucessfull people are always ask "Whats in it for me?"


Happy Sunday Steemians,and Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.Today, I would like to share what happened to our meet-up yesterday.
Yesterday,we are having a meet-up organized and hosted by Mr.@ybanezkim26 at Degree 9 Coffee shop.Degree 9 Coffee Shop was located in Mandaue City,in front of Norkis Cyber Park.The ambiance was so nice and it is perfect for this kind of meet-up.


The discussions started at 2:00pm.We had started our "Introduce Yourself"as an opener.I was really amazed by their backgrounds,because some of them are teachers,civil engineers,while the other are students.When @carlitojoshua started introduced himself I was shocked because He is 15 years old and He is now a certified Steemian Blogger.Imagine?On that Age?When my turn came,I am not quite sure to introduce myself,should I say "Hello Steemians"or "Hi everyone".Well anyways whatever it would be let me have my engine running now.


There were quite number of attendees who attended.If I was not mistaken there were only 10heads of Steemians who participated.I was expected that there were many Steemians who will attend but I was surprised that there were only few.This are the attendees.

@ybanezkim,@indayclara,@liamnov,@daisydelta,@carlitojoshua,@morkem,@ryancalaunan,@steembites,@christianyocte,and me, myself ,and I..
The topic that we had discussed was:
1.How to beautify your Steemit post.
2.Basic formatting
3.Different curation communities and their role.
4.Many more!
During the discussion we were ask What is our plan in Steemit,and What is our plan in Steemit Community.Yes,we had different answers,different thoughts and idea.


We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change.That is why I attended this meet-ups and for the future coming meet-ups.Thank you @ybanezkim26 for the knowledge and the learnings that you had imparted to us.

Then,we headed home with full of knowledge,with gratitude and face filled with larger smile.Gratias!


Special thanks to:

Certified Steemians


I was very happy to meet you kuya😁😍you mentioned my name pa thank you🙂

.welcome dzong...see you sa next meet up.😇

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