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Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Qigong Meditation - Embryonic Breathing

Recently I have posted on Qi Gong Breathing. So if your are after a quick introduction, then please have a read of the link.

But if you are after a more in-depth overview of Qi Gong Breathing, also known as "Embryonic Breathing" then you can not go past Dr. Yang's book, Qigong Meditation - Embryonic Breathing.

General Concepts and Theory

In the introduction to the book you will find General Concepts and the Theoretical Foundation of Embryonic Breathing. In this section, Dr. Yang makes it easy for the westerner to understand by leveraging scientific concepts taught in school and university. He uses biology, electrical engineering and physiological examples as well as evidence to build the case for why Embryonic Breathing scientifically produces results.

He also has a very concise introduction to Chinese Medical Theory with just enough information for a great introduction, but not too overwhelming that a neophyte to these ideas would get lost in jargon.

Ancient Documents

In Chapter 3, Dr Yang then translates several ancient Taoists texts, deciphering these encoded and terse texts, bringing to light their actual meaning based on the previously learnt concepts.

If you are like me, you may have read numerous Taoists texts, but at times were not sure how they were meant to be interpreted - Please note, most of the texts were purposely written in such a manner, so that the "secret" teachings of the Taoist Way did not fall into the wrong hands. One had to always seek the guidance from a real Master to be taught one to one. Much like an apprenticeship - If so, then you will really enjoy this section, as there is no second guessing as Dr. Yang continues to drill in the principles using several sources.


Finally, after one has learnt all the theoretical concepts and it is shown how modern day science is interlinked with the ancient teachings, Dr. Yang provides the practice instructions for proper "Embryonic Breathing". Which is of most importance since one can now apply the knowledge, in addition, practice correctly.

Closing Thoughts

The problem with ancient texts is they at times they were purposely encoded with mistakes. Today, we call this type of attack, "Misinformation". It's a technique commonly used by Government agencies to promote a certain type of propaganda. You may have seen this in the media recently with talks of Russia meddling with the U.S. election using Twitter and Facebook bots.

These attacks were present in ancient times, and will be with us well into the future. The point is, they're designed to lead you astray...

Now, the problem with practicing these texts, or practicing when you do not know what you're doing, is that you can lead yourself to harm. In Qi Gong, we call this Jau Foy Yup Mo, or Backfire Devil. That is why, one must first understand the theory!

It is no different to how you are taught in school or how you learn science. First, you learn about the theory and get an understanding of what is trying to be taught. But this is still only theoretical or in the intellectual realm. Next, one needs to apply the theory. This is where practice is necessary. This could be performing an experiment, or solving many mathematical equations until you drill it into the mind and make it a habit. Only then can one say they have mastered it.

So when you practice Qi Gong, make sure you: -

  1. Understand the 'correct' theory
  2. Practice regularly to 'apply' the theory
  3. Make it a 'habit' so you have mastered it

So looking back on my overview above, we can see that Dr. Yang is well aware of these three phases, and he has done his best to organise the book in this manner. Definitely a must read for any Qi Gong practitioner.

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Sifu Jordan

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