If you had the opportunity to live the last 5 years again, knowing what you know now, what would be different? [Mental Exercise & First 5 Comment Interaction]

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If you had the opportunity to live the last 5 years again, knowing what you know now, what would be different?


STEP 1 of 3... The Setup

No, without knowing unknowable future market price, random outcomes, lottery numbers, etc...

  • How would you have changed your life, your behaviors, your relationships, your work, your search for happiness, etc. now that you are the person you are now...so that your life would be better off.

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Step 2 of 3... The Context

Now ... Remember, the circumstances of the time, the context which convinced you to behave the way you did, which convinced you to behave differently than what you think, now.

Which parts of the context of the era controlled you to behave in a sub-optimal manner, what it an appeal to: addiction, anger, emotion, logic, sadness, fear?

  • Do you remember a time when nobody believed you when you tried to talk to them about crypto?

  • Do you remember a time you were waiting for someone who said they would be there for you, but they didn't show up?

  • Each person will have different appeals which speak to them, try to relax and allow the thoughts to flow freely, as clouds float freely across the sky.

  • These answers are going to differ for everyone, yet each individual answer each speaks to our own perspective based on our experience.

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Step 3 of 3... The Extrapolation

After you capture the appeal to your individual experience, try now to expand it forward...

How, are you behaving now?

If you are able to hear the 5-year-from-now version of you, whispering into your ear, what do they say?

  • Do you believe in something deeply now, but you are waiting for someone to tell you to DO IT!
  • Are you afraid of something others don't believe in?

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What is the 5-year-from-now version of you saying to you, what are you hearing?

Thank you for participating, I hope it helps you along your path of life.


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