Mindful Cleaning: How to Turn Chores into a Meditation Practice

Doing housework can be a form of exercise if you take it seriously. It gets your heart pumping, strengthens your back and shoulders, burns calories and builds muscle. If you let yourself feel happy about the result, you’ll find that the work you do becomes less mundane and more rewarding.

Here's how I started incorporating mindfulness into my home cleaning routine:

  1. Prepare

Have a plan before you start working. This means putting away dishes, laundry, paperwork and other clutter. Put all of your clean items out in the morning so they’re easily accessible.

  1. Start Small

Start by cleaning a single surface and see how it goes. You can even break down the task into smaller steps. For example, clean the sink first, then the stove top, then the table, and finally dusting. If you make it a game, you can even challenge yourself to finish by bedtime.

  1. Focus on Details

It's easy to lose yourself in a huge project, but you'll get more done if you don't overwhelm yourself. Focus on the details. Wipe off every surface with a towel. If it's dirty, vacuum it. If it’s messy, clean it. Don't worry if it's not perfect or looks rushed.

  1. Keep Moving

If you're making too much progress to go to the gym or take a walk during your cleaning session, that's OK. Just keep moving and you won't be stuck.

  1. Take a Breather

When you're finished, take a few deep breaths. Take a look around you and notice what you're grateful for.

  1. Reward Yourself

After you've finished, give yourself a small reward. It could be a glass of wine, a new piece of art, or a massage.

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