Communicating with Crystals

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What do we do with all those pretty crystals we have sitting on our tables and window sills? Are they just pretty objects or are they full of life and consciousness?

Finding uses for crystals in our daily lives is not as common as you may think it is. Neither is knowing exactly what a specific crystal is trying to say to you. Yes you! By following the procedures I am about to explain to you, you can know what your own crystals are trying to say and how to use them in your own life. I have channelled these ideas and facts from a crystallized rose quartz of my own. I asked it to help us humans understand the process and ways in which we can communicate with crystals and this is what it told me….

“To prepare to communicate with a crystal, one must make a sacred space, cleanse their crystals, and choose a time in which they will not be disturbed for around 20 minutes. Sacred space can be created by calling in guides and helpers, burning sage or dispersing high vibrational essential oils. Cleansing your crystals may be done with sage, salt water, full moon, or a bowl of salt - whichever the crystal allows. Deep meditation and communication with your crystal uses up a lot of energy so be sure to be well hydrated and nourished before you begin your session”

“Crystals are conscious sentient beings. They are not just a tool or pretty item. They carry their own consciousness and they retain much universal wisdom.”

“There are five pathways through which a crystal will communicate with you. The five pathways are the third eye, the eyes, the hands, the heart, and the triangle of light which forms just above the top of the head and just above the solar plexus. Holding the crystal you wish to connect to in your hand near these areas will yield the best results. You can hold your crystal near your forehead, at your heart, or above your belly button.”

“Crystals create tracks through the astral body to communicate what it wants to tell you. The astral body then communicates through to the physical body. If there is disconnect and you are subsequently not getting any information from your session, you can ask the crystal to repair the connection between the two; strengthening the connective bridge between your astral and physical bodies.”


“Deep emotional wounds of the heart will also interfere with communication. Therefore, it is advised to clear these areas first the best you can through healing practices of your choice. The healing must affect the emotional body and not just the physical. The more energetically clear you are, the better you are able to connect.”

“Calling for the element of water to assist you in meditation will also help. Information travels on the waves of water. Taking a bath and connecting within water is the best way to get information or send information. We are water beings and this is how we perceive our world psychically”

“There are two centers from which we/humans operate. The head center and the heart center are the two centers. The head center is where the ego resides and where there is a lot of cluttering information. In the heart, is where we find stillness and openness where the present moment is free to flow. How do you know where you are operating from? You are in your head if you have lists of daily to do’s running through, doubting and fear based emotions, or cluttered thoughts. You are in your heart if you are allowing without judgement, you are focused on your breath, you are not “trying”, and feeling love as an emotion. In order to connect properly and get clear information, you must meditate within your heart center.”

“Even though the heart center is the best place to gain untainted information, do not try to completely separate from your mind because you will still have to engage your mind in order to remember and decipher the energies. Ask your guides/helpers/angels to help you remember after the meditation but don’t lean on them to regurgitate the whole thing to you. It is ultimately your responsibility.”

“Crystals can give blessings or gifts. A crystal will never give to you what you are unwilling to receive. They merely can enable us to receive that which we are willing through embodying the frequencies that they emit.”

“Crystals communicate through waves of frequency and vibration. They also contain and utilize sacred geometry to interact with you. You may see intersecting lines, overlapping circles or formations that are mathematical in nature. They do not speak English. This is where it is important to ask your angels/guides/or helpers to interpret the energies coming from the crystal so that you can understand them. You can ask them to help you see the energy as images, feelings, smells, or words. Again, if you are not getting anything, ask your guides/helpers/angels to speak up so you can hear or see better.”

“Blue Lace agate helps to connect and communicate with crystals. Having the blue lace agate near you or in a necklace with enable this communicative frequency to help you in your meditations.”

“Give your crystal honor and respect. Keep it clean, free of dust, dirt, and negative energy. Put it in a special place like near your bedside, on a windowsill, alter, etc… Crystals love salt. (there are a few stones and crystals that shouldn’t be exposed to long term salt such as selenite, kyanite, labradorite, angelite or any soft stone). To heal or interact with a crystal, there must be a relationship. Simply having the crystal in your space / “owning it” or carrying it around will not yield maximum results but rather talking to, sending energy to (in ways of speech, love, or intention) and utilizing a crystal, will help with the energy exchanges. A crystal will work on clearing pathways of connection (the five stated above) within you before it fully connects with you within a symbiotic relationship.”

“Some days will be easier than others. Fear or worry about whether or not you can connect with them will block your heart center and make it very hard to connect. Ask specific questions. Don’t just ask the crystal to talk to you. Sometimes, you may ask it to give you an answer about something and it will go to work on clearing your aura instead. This is normal and if you are willing just allow it to do so. Crystals are keepers of knowledge making it possible to ask most any question to them. Experiment and find out what the limits are for yourselves.”

“Sometimes a being of the crystal will come forth. If you see an energy that presents itself as a person, this is the consciousness of the crystal showing itself to you in that way. A crystal may also connect you with another being such as an animal or spirit to help you. You would have to decipher yourself what is what.”

“Crystals connect worlds so that you can use them for astral traveling.”

“The energy of a crystal is always moving and interacting with your energy field in different and unique ways. It is constantly changing from one moment to the next. Don’t be surprised if you hear one thing on one day and something else on the next.”

“There is a connection with crystals to plants and all crystals are grounding because of their connection with the earth from which they came from. Connecting with them properly in the right technique will always bring you into alignment because of the process of connecting so all crystals are healing within interaction. The color of a crystal is part of its healing property or property of use and how it affects your aura. Therefore, certain colors will attract you by what you are in need of interacting with.”


Ultimately, connecting with these Earth beauties is fun and rewarding. Crystals open up a world unknown to most and foster connections with spirit in unique ways. Collecting and manifesting crystals of your own is a good way to get the information that your specific and unique soul is asking for. Always listen to your intuition when picking out a crystal and always welcome the ones that come into your life for free. There is a reason for everything! Have fun connecting and connecting often!

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